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Pippa Norris. Daniela Stockmann. Lance Bennett. Bruce A. Victor Pickard. Eva Anduiza. Professor Erik Albaek. Murray Edelman. Myra Marx Ferree.

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Reece Peck. Bruce Bimber. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description In most liberal democracies commercialized media is taken for granted, but in many authoritarian regimes the introduction of market forces in the media represents a radical break from the past with uncertain political and social implications.

In Media Commercialization and Authoritarian Rule in China, Daniela Stockmann argues that the consequences of media marketization depend on the institutional design of the state. In one-party regimes such as China, market-based media promote regime stability rather than destabilizing authoritarianism or bringing about democracy. By analyzing the Chinese media, Stockmann ties trends of market liberalism in China to other authoritarian regimes in the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and the post-Soviet region.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with Chinese journalists and propaganda officials as well as more than newspaper articles, experiments and public opinion data sets, this book links censorship among journalists with patterns of media consumption and the media's effects on public opinion. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Table of contents Part I. Introduction: 1. Propaganda for sale; 2. Marketized media as instruments of regime stability and change; 3.

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Types of newspapers in China; Part II. Media Marketization and the Production of News: 4. Farnsworth and Lichter also analyzes trends over time but for a shorter period i. Other texts help the understanding of what is at the core of infotainment. Brants and Neijens provides one of the earliest empirical investigations to the elements that define soft news, whereas Holbert classifies different media genres in a typology of infotainment programs. Reinemann, et al. Baym, G. From Cronkite to Colbert: The evolution of broadcast news.

Boulder, CO: Paradigm. Blumler, J. The third age of political communication: Influences and features. Political Communication DOI: Not really focused on the phenomenon of infotainment per se, but this article very clearly sets out the events and trends that have occurred since the s that have led to the emergence of infotainment. Changes within the media environment e. Brants, K. The infotainment of politics. It shows that all programs contain certain entertainment elements, but some relatively more than others. Farnsworth, S. The book discusses the development in media coverage of presidential elections and how news on this topic has softened or not over the years.

Though mostly focused on traditional news outlets, it also pays attention to alternative sources of news in chapter 5, including entertainment talk shows and political satire. Holbert, R. A typology for the study of entertainment television and politics. American Behavioral Scientist Infotainment can be divided into many subgenres. Lance Holbert, one of the prominent scholars in this field, creates a typology that classifies the different genres. He demonstrates how nine infotainment genres from entertainment talk shows to reality TV to satirical situation comedies can be classified on two axes: 1 providing explicit or implicit political messages and 2 whether audience members expect a program to be primarily political or whether politics serves only a secondary role.

Otto, L. Glogger, and M. The softening of journalistic political communication: A critical review of sensationalism, soft news, infotainment, and tabloidization.

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Communication Theory Scholars often use concepts such as sensationalism, tabloidization, infotainment, or soft news interchangeably—all indicate that news coverage in one way or the other becomes more entertaining. Dealing with the lack of clarity between the concepts, the article provides a framework describing how these concepts can be observed on different levels of news production: within an item, the item itself, within genres, or even between different media types.

Reinemann, C. Stanyer, S. Scherr, and G. Hard and soft news: A review of concepts, operationalizations and key findings. Journalism The literature on infotainment follows a multitude of definitions and operationalizations.

The Evolution of the Media | American Government

Reinemann and colleagues provide a systematic analysis of the literature on soft news and identify three dimensions on which news can possibly be softened: 1 topic, 2 focus or frame, and 3 style. Although created for soft news specifically, this definition for the conceptualization of infotainment can easily be applied more generally to the topic of infotainment. Thussu, D. News as entertainment: The rise of global infotainment.

London: SAGE.

This book describes the economic processes behind the globalization of market-driven news formats. Very international in its scope, it shows how media conglomerates drive the production of infotainment elements in news coverage across countries. Williams, B. Delli Carpini.