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4 Effortless Business Texting Strategies to Increase Sales

Her Facebook business page and on Instagram. Do you have a question or idea for a podcast episode? Submit your ideas and questions to thrive creativepossibility.

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Shannon and Sarah are back with another installment of Effortless Business Events take-over of the LOE Podcast, talking on this episode all about your brand voice. Shannon and Sarah reassure us that we do not have to be singers in our business, to have a consistent and authentic brand voice — but we do need to be aware of what it is, as part of our branding identity.

Sarah offers a great example of how tone and voice changes depending on the audience with her academic writing, compared to her less formal, business blogs and presentations — taking into consideration the expectations of the audience, and the goal of the communication. Shannon and Sarah also discuss how our personal brand voice changes when we talk to colleagues, children, and how our brand voice is a reflection of who we are at our most authentic, in slightly different iterations. Shannon shares how this also applies to employees in your business, or if you have anyone who represents your business in any way and how applying guidelines and boundaries will assist your employees virtual or otherwise to ensure that your brand voice is consistent, genuine and authentic.

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As always, Shannon and Sarah share their best simple, effortless and practical tips to support your brand voice is consistent, genuine and authentic by asking your target market for their input and who not to ask for feedback and knowing what impact you want to have with your brand. As always, Shannon and Sarah also share simple and effortless tips and insights that you can implement right away in your own business to create your own authentic brand like crafting a mood-board and style-guide for your brand. Shannon and Sarah also share essential things for you to consider when creating your brand, such as:.

You work hard online to build relationships and connections, and your brand is an important part of building those connections and over time your business will change and shift. Shannon and Sarah talk about how you can effortlessly transition your business in a way that makes logical sense for your business and market with ease and authenticity. This episode is a juicy one — the who, what, when, where, and why of online presence from privacy to perception and expectations.

Shannon and Sarah discuss why its so important to have an online presence and to curate it and be aware of what is out there online about yourself personally, and your business.

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Filled with practical, effortless tips that you can immediately implement in your own business and life, Shannon and Sarah also discuss the expectations and perceptions that often come from what we share with our online presence, whether its our personal profile or business profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn, and walking the line between being comfortable with what you share with many people.

So, what expectations is your online presence setting for potential customers who see you online? Enjoy the episode! Find out more about Market 2 Thrive here. Welcome to another installment of the Effortless Business Events takeover of the Law of Effortlessness Podcast with your hosts, Shannon Bush and Sarah Thomson, continuing the conversation on all things Facebook video marketing for your business!

The ladies talk specifically about the impact of mindset when it comes to video marketing or your business, with common fears of giving too much away. They also talk about what to talk about and share basic simple etiquette rules your viewers will appreciate.

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Want to know what equipment to use? Shannon and Sarah teamed up around a year ago to form a collaboration and in March hosted their first 2 day marketing conference in Perth, Market Like You Mean It. In this episode, the first of 4 in their take over of Law Of Effortlessness Podcast Shannon and Sarah chat all things Video Marketing in your business.

Sarah shares a secret in what holds many people back from owning their expertise and handling comparison.

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This show turns into something of a confessional, with words of wisdom and experience from both Shannon and Sarah exploring the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, self-confidence, and giving yourself permission to be you. Everyone just wants the lowest price.

Your staff have very different ideas about how to work for you. Business seems much more complicated than it did when you started. Yes, the world is different. The way our customers want to engage with us. The way business is delivered. All of it. Which is hard. If you are ready to grab that opportunity! My clients experience more revenue, more profit and less effort in their business. A successful small business is all about providing an amazing product or service. Join me and others just like you at Business Owners Success Club for a group of people surrounding you for inspiration, application, accountability and cheerleading.

Improvement is a continual process and it is a team sport.


I help you see your business with new eyes and figure out your best way forward. The question to ask yourself is: Do you still want to be right where you are in a year from now? If you keep doing what you are doing, you will be — if you are not in a worse place. Or do you believe that you and your business have more potential to tap?

I believe it takes a community to grow a business. My focus is on the Business Owners Success Club. You placed your book in my hand at the perfect time and I so appreciate your experiential wisdom. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.