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Duncan April 2 April 2 is going to be a reeeally good day for Gothic darkness. Early rave reviews have warned us: here there be villainous love interests, dark enchantments, perilous plot twists, and some seriously untrustworthy saints. Descendant of the Crane , by Joan He April 2 In this Chinese-inspired fantasy debut, a reluctant princess takes the throne under dark circumstances.

She turns first to a soothsayer to guide her in finding his killer—though magic was long ago outlawed—then to a prickly investigator with his own criminal past. We Rule the Night , by Claire Eliza Bartlett April 2 A factory worker and the daughter of a general, each facing punishment for defiant acts, team up in order to escape punishment. Pooling their magic, the two instant enemies set off on dangerous after-dark flights across enemy lines, learning to rely on each other in time of war. Except the prince becomes an unexpected ally, sharing his own power—to summon fire—and teaching her how to control and celebrate hers.

But enemies are approaching the walls of Kiev, and the pair will soon learn whether fire and ice combined will be enough to turn them away. Just kidding: things start to go south—like, straight to hell south—in Paris, where they learn about the Crimson Hand, an anarchy-sowing demon-worshipping cult…that appears to have grown out of a years-old joke made by Magnus. Her Poe is seventeen years old, intellectually hungry, and counting down the days until he can trade in his wealthy foster family for university and married life.

But his life falls apart with the arrival of a Muse named Lenore. Muses are fearsome harbingers of disgrace, that lead artists to misery and ruin. But once Lenore starts making demands of Poe, he has little choice but to heed her…. The Tiger at Midnight , by Swati Teerdhala April 23 In this trilogy starter inspired by Hindu mythology and Indian history, the fates of a soldier and a rebel collide, changing the course of their world.

Esha is the infamous Viper, committing acts of revenge on the wicked and the powerful—and her next target is the general. Levi tries his hand at empire-building, while Enne balances her twin identities as fine lady and lord of the streets.

The stakes climb, dangerous new figures enter from the wings, and the two find themselves balanced between utter ruin and unimaginable greatness. Her only way out? Infiltrating the palace and stealing a treasure out of legend. In the palace, younger Prince Alfie is still reeling from the murder of his brother, and his own ascension to first in line for the throne. Dark Shores , Danielle L. Jensen May 7 In a world where the Goddess of the Seas decides who lives and dies on her waters, Teriana is one of a waveborn people, second mate on the Quincense and at home only at sea.

A power-mad eastern ruler blackmails both into helping him conquer the wilds of the western lands, forcing the two into an uneasy alliance that offers their only hope at protecting their families, but will drive them to extremes. In a country on the verge of war, both find themselves on the trail of an object of great power: Zafira wants to use it to stop the war and restore magic to her world, while Nasir wants to find it first and kill Zafira.

The Candle and the Flame , by Nafiza Azad May 14 Fatima lives in the city of Noor, which rose from the ashes of a horrific djinn slaughter that left just three survivors—one of them Fatima. The revived city is protected by ifrit from the threat of further attack, until the death of the most powerful ifrit shifts the balance. One is the long-awaited Sun Queen, the other the era-ending queen of blood. In sequel Kingsbane , Rielle has survived the trials and been anointed Sun Queen, and must now call on her powers to repair the Gate holding the wicked angels at bay—while maintaining a connection with angel Corien, whom we know from the opening pages of Furyborn is destined to speed her downfall.

Further (Down the Path, #2) by Travis Mohrman

One thousand years later, bounty hunter Eliana grapples with the new understanding that she is the true Sun Queen, who must defend against becoming power-corrupted as Rielle was before her. The Wise and the Wicked , by Rebecca Podos May 28 Ruby comes from a long line of powerful women whose power has diminished almost to nothing in the years since they left their Russian homeland. But the costs of fighting fate may be steeper than Ruby knows. Which brings me to Wilde and the Sons of Deceit, book 4 in the series. This posting is a gentle reminder that the series releases on Jan.

The raid on Sinskrill was a success, but the battle is only just beginning. William realizes the stakes at hand. He still has to find a way to prevent Lord Shet, the god of the mahavans, from returning to Earth from the faraway world of Seminal. But strange visions plague his mind: an albino monster who infects William with anger.

Black Book: Filament and Filigree

It is Sapient Dormant, the Overward of the necrosed and tasked by Shet to recover a long lost talisman of power. The Servitor of Sinskrill also advances his own plans. Serena struggles with her own path, torn between loyalty and love for William and a desire to see her family safe. Rukh and Jessira seek to provide balance to the magi.

Only they have the skill and training to keep Arylyn safe, but their memories of their shared past life on Arisa remain fragmented, and their greatest allies, their Kesarins—Aia and Shon—are nowhere to be found. And on Seminal, Lord Shet schemes, certain of his coming victory. It is so much fun and worth a try.

Skyrim Black Books guide: become Hermaeus Mora’s best pal in no time

Except the demons look like humans and act like humans with the same emotions and fears. They just happen to be much more powerful, and they invaded the empire several centuries ago. A religion arose based on that invasion, but it may be based on a lie. War has erupted on three worlds. A hero king lies in chains in a demon-controlled realm. Merry Christmas! Not a whole lot. I saw Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, which was an absolutely fun movie. It was my favorite Spiderman movie, and it was also one of my favorite superhero movies of all time. Speaking of William Wilde, some news!

William Wilde and the Sons of Deceit, book 4 in the series, releases on Jan.

Tommy Wiseau is impossible to describe, and his movie The Room i s hailed as the best, worst movie ever made. It reminds of leveling up games and is as fun but better than his House of Blades trilogy. The good folks at Fantasy Bridge Crew are doing another audiobook giveaway. Enter for a chance to win free audiobook code. And the grand prize winner wins a code as well as a few other cool things, like an Amazon gift card. Three first books in three epic fantasy series. I saw Creed 2, which was a lot of fun.

Other things that happened.

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My van was totaled when I was heading north for Thanksgiving. Luckily, no one was hurt, including the other driver, who simply took his eyes off the road and crashed into us at a stop light. Oh well. A land under magical siege. An elite band of warriors flying to its defense. To save their kingdom, a quiet blacksmith must fulfill her destiny. A stubborn knight. Only together can they save a broken kingdom. Both books are also available as audiobooks and narrated by the awesome Luke Daniels. I also write, and here are my books so far :.

No comments Mihir over at FantasyBookCritic posted an interview with me and Andreas ,the artist for the new cover art for the Castes and the OutCastes. We shared our perspectives on how the new artwork came about. All along, working with Andreas was a fantastic collaborative experience. So excited by how they turned out! Exciting, right? Look for it in either late November or early December I hope. Good question. The Servitor of Sinskrill has learned the location of Arylyn. William must find a way to fight off an invasion he knows is coming.

The Overward of the necrosed, Sapient Dormant, awakens. Yes, stretch out your hands into infinity you human things, past blind moons and ice cream worlds, you hurl your metal ball of dull intelligence, and show us all your fragile grip…. Excellent information, thank you. While on a cosmic scale it may make little difference, these boosters are larger than the probes they sent into the wider galaxy. Plus they were once full of toxic and explosive fuel. More consideration should have been made as to their fates, but then again — especially concerning the Pioneers and Voyagers — we were fortunate enough that they were allowed by NASA et al to have information packages adorned to them.

Yes, an edit function would be so very nice. Is the heliopause shape uniform?

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More than 12 billion miles away a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space — the first human-made object ever to do so. Genetic drift can completely reshape species, has done so, and may continue to do so to our own. From the time the first lungfish scrambled ashore to our primate ancestors swinging in the forest canopy to the hominins our lineage that became us, change was mostly by the tiniest of increments, unrecognizable from one generation to the next. Future generations over similar expanses of time may acknowledge us in their phylogenic ancestry as we acknowledge some former lungfish, shrew, primate and hominin as our ancestors.

Our artefacts may be about as interesting to them as the artifacts of bygone civilizations are to us. But some new and technologically young civilization may marvel at those artifacts. Genetic drift? It seems to me far more likely that intentional gene manipulation will lead to the evolution you elude to. Hardly recommended at the moment due to the huge gaps in our understanding, deliberate changes to the genome may potentially offer an increase in many of our base capabilities.

This will be socially very disruptive at least initially. Id we overcome our inborn tribalist prejudices there may a future for a complete fracturing of our species into a multitude of offshoots. Hopefully without bias and exploitation. But for that our collective egos must be checked first.

Steps on the Path to Enlightenment

Also should our species settle on other worlds it seems only prudent to optimize our physis to the local conditions. Here the natural genetic drift you refer to may also occur at an accelerated rate independent of gene manipulation due primarily to gravitational influence. Are you saying that people would not find the history of their own species to be of interest? I can think of many archaeologists and historians who would strongly disagree with you. Not to mention the dangers of failing to learn from our history, which is quite in evidence at this moment in time.

I hate to burst your sentimental bubbles, but the future of these spacecrafts has already been written. One of the VoyaGERs returns to earth a few hundred years in the future, having been utterly augmented by alien technology, and poses an existential threat to our planet. The other gets blasted into smithereens as target practice for a Klingon ship. New Horizons is still an open book though. That was Voyager 6, which was supposedly launched in the late Twentieth Century to be more specific in some references. Since we only know of two spacefaring Voyagers, this must be one in an alternate universe, so we are safe — for now.

Other evidence for the above is the fact that Voyager 6 only had a name plate adorned with just a couple of items from the Voyager Interstellar Record and Pioneer 10 and 11 plaques. Did they just get lazy? Did New Horizons with its deliberate avoidance of a formal information package influence them? And why did they make it so that even an advanced artificial ETI could not clean it off?

We will not speak of the fate of Pioneer 10 in Star Trek 5, or of that film in general. Plus the plaque on that probe was facing outward, whereas in our Universe it was bolted on facing inward to reduce cosmic erosion. Though I wish someone had thought about placing the engraving on both sides of the plaque to increase its chances of being noticed and having its messages survive the eons.

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Plus, what was a Klingon warship doing so close to the Sol system? Pioneer 10 would not have gotten very far from our star system in just years, so that means this Klingon vessel was way outside of its territory and much too deep in Federation space. On its current trajectory, by , Pioneer 10 should be roughly AU from Earth about 0. When I think of the distance through which Voyagers 22 watt transmitter must pass its data, it amazes me that the voice of this tiny drifting outpost of human civilisation can even still be heard.

Those few square meters of earthan real estate have crossed a distance so very very far beyond anything we can physically even relate to. Into this soul crushing void it floats ever further from the physical warmth and emotions of its Terran home and of its creators who still anticipate every one of those faint, faint signals. As the Suns rays shining on Voyager dim ever more, its own internal radiolytic light also dims.