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And the comedians in question will no doubt be. This high-energy cabaret was shortlisted for best musical and best cabaret at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Travelling the country spreading the love! You can expect to see me give my all, more than ever. New songs, stories, confessions and costumes. You will leave feeling empowered, exhausted and relieved, all in one. You can escape the misery of life like Gemma Collins on television, or celebs go smearing, anything political is out, and most of all, phones are turned off. I endeavour to make my audiences experience true variety. I recreate vaudeville-style cabaret, immerse them in quality entertainment and give them a blast of live music.

Have you been busy so far this year? Alongside that, I was itching to get home and join my full band for this new Live, Loud And Fabulous touring show. Add to that new dress designs, endless visits to the hairdressers for blowouts and my new passion for yoga I always listen to one of my inspirational divas whilst getting ready, be it Liza, Judy, Cher or Shirley.

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I find it just gets me in the mood. I have many rituals, which do include a cheeky vodka cranberry! My motto is, if the audience are at the bar in the theatre, I should join them backstage in having a tipple.

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I like to be on the stage in the wings, hearing the audience, rather than stuck in a dressing room. I was in the. It has to be anything Liza. Her arrangement is so amazing. What can people expect from you on this tour? There are many surprises in the new show. Have you seen my Theresa May singing Dreamgirls? Or Judy Garland singing Adel? If not, then you need to grab a ticket! My favourite classic divas, like Liza, Tina, Shirley and Cher, are still featured of course.

And some of the most phenomenal costumes! Hunting down whoever had robbed me of that title! The Dame Shirley Bassey! It would be a dream! Finally, what have you learned from your experiences in the industry so far? Chase your dreams and be nice to everyone!


Give an audience your all, and they will give you it back in buckets! Also, feathers cost a fortune and Swarovskis are better than men!

Much admired for their playful, dynamic and crossartform approach to producing original, contemporary work, independent theatre makers Lucy Nicholls and Antonia Beck here get to grips with the grim reaper. Preparation for The Death Show included the duo working as artists-in-residence at a funeral parlour, as well as spending time with patients at a hospice.

Yet no matter how many actors don the deerstalker and solve the mystery of the moors-dwelling beast, the story remains a popular choice for both stage and screen adaptation. This latest version, which has been picking up its fair share of plaudits, should be well worth a look for anybody with a love of Victorian detective work or monstrous moorland mutts Thank heaven, then, for the other delightful-if-a-bit-gossipy ladies of the village, who rally round to try and help their suddenly destitute friend Their high-stakes conflict is a deeply personal one, brought to vivid life against a historical backdrop of unparalleled scale.

It might be 10 years since Joe McElderry, then a fresh-faced year-old, took X Factor and the nation by storm with his chart-topping rendition of The Climb, but the enthusiasm, passion and energy that endeared him to millions of viewers in remains undiminished. Set to a soundtrack of some of the most iconic chart-topping hits of the era, the story unfolds in the vibrant Club Tropicana Hotel, the s answer to Love Island.

Steven Soderbergh Blogs About The “Huge Inspiration” Of Martin Scorsese’s ‘After Hours’

The fact that I still am is crazy! I was really self-aware for the first three years of my career, until I realised I just had to be a good person and trust that. So I learned to accept it for what it was and not take things too seriously. There was that pressure of being thrust into the public eye with lots of different people with different opinions behind the scenes telling me to do this or do. I had to learn how to navigate a way through that, but I was lucky.

I had a really strong tight-knit family behind me, and still do. Little things like everyday worries I find a much bigger deal than preparing for a two-hour musical. He played the part on and off for twoand-a-half years, winning rave reviews for his performance. So I felt the pressure to be good and worked really hard. For me, Newcastle is where me sanity is.

We had a few crazy nights out, eating haggis and chips, and I even had a deep-fried Galaxy Bar, which was beautiful. It makes me appreciate that not everybody gets to do what they love, and I feel very lucky to have experienced that as much as I have. I really do feel blessed. When orphaned Laila finds herself left alone in an Afghanistan ravaged by war, salvation comes in the form of her older neighbour, Rasheed, who takes her as his second wife and makes her pregnant.

Which means that it asks more questions than it answers - leaving doubt about which side of the political fence Shakespeare is really on. The structure is 26 whatsonlive. A stitch-up or just judicial authority? No wonder politicians of all parties quote Shakespeare to justify their dark deeds Expect a spark of absurdity and more than a dash of surreal humour in a thought-provoking show in which the bizarre rubs shoulders with the supernatural The remainder of the play follows his journey from being Fiona to becoming Adrian, and looks at how that affects his relationship with Alice, his own identity and the people around him.

If you want fireworks, balloons and a seriously good soundtrack, then this is the play for you! Since then, their witty, uplifting story has touched millions across the world. In , Tim Firth took on the task of writing the screenplay for a film about their story, and then followed it up with a stage play.

But the play was always slightly straining to be a musical, I think. What then emerged was a different structure to the story. What this does is allow us to spend more time with the women, their husbands and their children. I knew the views and I knew the way the people spoke, so there was a degree of familiarity there for me that helped a lot.

Purely by chance, my family and I had gone to a Yorkshire fete and bought the calendar a year before I was even approached to do the film. It felt as if fate and the Yorkshire Dales were pushing me towards this story. They started an international phenomenon and raised so much money for the charity Bloodwise. The nude calendar rose in popularity as a way of raising cash for a variety of causes while at the same time having a really good laugh.

Also, if there had just been the idea of making the calendar, as opposed to making it in response to grief and loss, the mixture would have been a lot less potent. The reason it works as a show is because people are laughing and crying at the same time. People respond to that bravery and valiance. Without wishing to make a statement about body image, they actually made a very loud statement about it because it encouraged a great sense of collective support.

They also worked together on the Take. That-inspired show, The Band. The great thing about Gary is that he gave me so many ideas. Through the story, you hit certain points and jars start to rattle on the shelf and everything falls into place. To do that, though, you have to have a very strong work ethic, and Gary certainly has that. So in Calendar Girls, we have the variety of songs and tones that you need for a musical - and in a more acoustic style too, rather than the pop music Gary is best known for.

What does Tim think makes the production an experience not to be missed? Calendar Girls is also funny enough for you to want to come back again. The Worst Witch, first published in , spawned seven sequels, a movie and a television series, with worldwide book sales reaching the five million mark.

This brand new show is directed by Theresa Heskins and comes complete with original songs, music, magic and a healthy dose of Mildred-created pandemonium. His friends, Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, are determined to save him from the evil intentions of Shere Khan 28 whatsonlive. But keeping Mowgli safe is no walk in the jungle, as his two furry pals soon find out Presented by Wicked Productions and featuring some brand new songs.

Imaginative sets and costumes are very much present and correct in a show that the producers are confident will send your kids home positively wild which may or may not be a good thing! X Factor winner Matt Terry stars. In a career stretching back to the mids, Eric Carle has illustrated more than 70 books - writing most of them too. None have been more famous or successful than his story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The popular picture book has been translated into more than 60 languages, selling in excess of 52 million copies And they may well be right about that.

The smell of the greasepaint and roar of the crowd has tempted the furry cast of Madagascar the movie to forsake New York's Central Park Zoo in favour of treading the boards on a UK tour. The blockbuster DreamWorks film comes to life in Wolverhampton when Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the hip hip Hippo stampede onto the stage with a great big jungle roar. Take a book by the brilliant Julia Donaldson, place it into the award-winning hands of Little Angel theatre company - and wait for the theatrical magic to happen When everyone has left the house in the morning, the bath toys spring into action and head off on exciting adventures in their magical flying bath!

Seeing the rumble unfold between Bird and Wolf gave me a real sense of how technically challenging it is to put together a Birmingham Royal Ballet BRB production of this magnitude. Anyone of my age or older would probably recognise the music. A younger generation may not know it, so now seems a perfect opportunity for us to retell the story.

It feels very current to have a strong heroine at the heart of the story. This production has dance, narration and music all rolled into one, which makes it very accessible because the story is explained. What we are doing, however, is transporting it to a new setting. The audience will see the tree represented by a huge scaffolding tower. It has different levels, a ladder, a pulley and rope with which to catch the wolf. The characters are dressed in street wear.

Spike has a wealth of experience and great vision. There are certainly no tutus in sight! Every character has an instrument depicting a theme which will be cleverly used throughout. Principal Conductor Paul Murphy has been so pivotal in this journey because so much of this production comes back to the music. Speeds are really crucial in how everything builds. Paul knows this music inside-. When I go back to that role, I find that my whole approach as a dancer has changed.

Yes, the steps need to be the same. They then have ownership with their own interpretation of the role. Each member of the cast has a key role and has their own character to focus on. Then the production becomes its own thing in its own right, living and breathing and going on The award-winning Rosie Kay Dance Company this month make a welcome return to present an expanded version of their highly acclaimed production, 5 Soldiers: The Body Is The Frontline - an exploration of how the human body remains essential to war in the 21st century.

The show digs down into the foundations of their commitment to each other, inner strength and dedication in coping with war and recovery. The production is approximately 40 minutes in length and offers the dare we say - purr-fect introduction to live ballet, music and theatre for younger children Fusing classical Kathak dance with puppetry, the Amina Khayyam Dance Company here presents a bold performance examining the worldwide phenomena of acid violence against women. The piece engages its audience via the intricate and detailed theatrical movements of abhinaya - a South Asian classical technique of communication based on a narrative mode.

Eighteen-year-old company Ballet Black comprises British and international dancers of black and Asian descent and takes an impressively daring approach to its work. First steps into dance Dance takes centre stage in a new education initiative in Birmingham Hundreds of children are taking their first steps into dance thanks to a new education initiative by Birmingham-based DanceXchange.

What we bring is the expertise to create a bespoke programme with each school. This new focus on education is the latest step in a refreshed strategy for DanceXchange, which is based in the Birmingham Hippodrome campus. Now the new education project sees dance artists visiting schools throughout the academic year, working with teachers in primary, secondary and special needs schools. They offer a tailored programme that meets the specific needs of each school, with options including themed and topic-based learning, specialist sessions for GCSE and BTEC levels and Continuing Professional Development for teachers.

Their responses and their voices are respected so that they feel a true sense of ownership and achievement by the end of the programme. The response to the new programme so far has exceeded expectations, with school teachers observing that the sessions have had a positive impact on the children, helping them to gain confidence beyond the classroom. We hope that dance allows those children to feel they have a chance to shine, find a new skill to excel in and express themselves. This song will be performed live by the students as well as being mixed to create a track for the dance piece they are soon to choreograph with our hip hop artist.

We want this to be a rich and engaging creative process for young people and teachers alike, and for them to own and be proud of what they share at the final performance event in July. We want to inspire and facilitate their journey through dance, supporting talent right from the grass-roots, through engagement with those who want to enjoy dance just for itself, right through to encouraging excellence in young people who want to progress to careers in dance.

Escape to another world Judge Dredd, The Beano and The Walking Dead are just some of the iconic publications showcased at a brand new event coming to Shrewsbury in early June. Conscious of the need to create something unique for the town, Jane approached local comic book artist Charlie Adlard with the notion of staging a comics event. Charlie has been the artist on the hugely successful zombie apocalypse comic book series, The Walking Dead, for the past 15 years. Festivals are celebrations that should be open to everybody. The object is to take over the town and turn it into comic books central.

While others of a similar age to him may have been devouring copies of The Beano in their youth, Charlie was developing a fascination for superheroes from across the Atlantic. I remember there being a spinner rack which had American comic books. That was what I was brought up on, so, since , I was able to access this stuff, from issue one, to two, to three, to four, to five. I wanted to give the guy who was inking The. He was the second-best inker on my work, after me, and he genuinely did a good job, but I wanted to get back and take full control.

Douse the flames with our full-range writing service!

French comic books are probably my favourite part of the whole world of comics. See overleaf for our pick of festival highlights For full festival listings, head to comicssalopia. Exclusive event which sees Leonard Sultana interview Hellboy, Baltimore and BPRD artist Ben Stenbeck about his time in the movie industry, his working methods and what drives him to keep making comics Be part of the festival and make yourself into one of the undead for a fun zombie walk through the town.

The best zombies will be awarded special prizes by Walking Dead artist and co-creator Charlie Adlard. The walk starts at the Castle Grounds on the Saturday afternoon at 2pm and goes all the way down Pride Hill to the Square, where the winners will be awarded their prizes. Reginald Dwight took up piano lessons at the age of seven and four years later won a junior scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. In he changed his name to Elton John Although for technical reasons he never got a credit on Bohemian Rhapsody, Dexter Fletcher actually directed much of that film after the original director, Bryan Singer, was dismissed and high hopes are resting on his new musical biography.

Released Fri 24 May. Film highlights released in May Talk about loyal. This is the eighth time the killer has been portrayed on the big screen. But he also formed a friendship with some of his fellow outsiders, a bond that was to inspire his creation of Middle-Earth. Released Fri 10 May. Marking the directorial debut of the actress Olivia Wilde, this comedy focuses on two high school over-achievers who realise that they have let academia get in the way of fun. And they have only one night to make up for all their years of hard work.

Will Smith is the Genie with the magic lamp. An all-star cast steps up to the plate to marvel at the mighty combat of Godzilla and a variety of humongous beasties, including the three-headed King Ghidorah. This is the third instalment in the so-called MonsterVerse. Released Fri 31 May. Max the Jack Russell has his life turned upside down when his owner gets married and has a child. Patton Oswalt takes over as Max, after the original voice artist, Louis C. In 3D. There were the lows felt during months of long, cold and exhausting dusk-to-dawn sessions, sometimes waist deep in water and often without getting a single usable image.

And then the natural highs of those lightbulb moments, when new ideas blossomed, problems were solved and the project inched closer towards having the potential to win this exceptional accolade. Mark Fairnington turns a scientific eye to the depiction of his twin sons with hyperrealistic precision. Taken together, the works aim to present a fresh perspective on what constitutes childhood in the 21st century. The show has been mounted to coincide with Velo Birmingham, a major cycling event taking place in and around the city on Sunday 12 May.

During his time at the venue, Andrew will extend his knowledge into display strategies and the history of sculpture, drawing on photographs of the studio of sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein and the backdrop of sculpture on display from the Permanent Collection. To create the performances, the actors were recorded using photogrammetry and motion capture before being turned into avatars - digital versions of themselves. They involved large-scale models with vast panoramas which could transport excited audiences into the midst of a battlefield, a storm at sea, or onto the slopes of an erupting volcano.

The images were selected from a shortlist of , which itself was created from a total of 7, entries. All the major slot car manufacturers, including Scalextric, will be at the event, allowing fans not only to meet them face-to-face but also to swap, buy and sell cars. Visitors to the Red By Night event will be invited to step inside period houses and shops to discover how Black Country folk used to live. Ahoy, me hearties! Fifteen grids take to the track across 18 races this month when plus classic racing cars converge on Donington Park from all over the world.

Go back in time and get closer to the action as rival knights compete in the ultimate test of strength and skill. Arrows will fly, swords will clash and the winner will be decided in the Grand Melee finale. Building popularity year on year, Shropshire Kids Festival is back and bigger than ever this month. Event highlights include a specialised underfives area featuring crafts and inflatables. Kids who love an adventure can take part in circus skills workshops, slip down the giant water. For the more creatively minded youngster, there are music and drama performances to enjoy, relaxing storytime sessions in the book tent, the chance to play a variety of instruments and the opportunity to get delightfully messy via a number of arty workshops.

Sleep-deprived new parents would do well to call on their reserves of energy and get along to this popular show. Expect ball-handling wizardry, rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, plenty of humour and some brilliant fan interaction. The Saturday evening sees the balloons lit up and dancing in a special glow-inthe-dark musical display. Highlights of the evening include ghost and history walks, archery demonstrations and the opportunity to try on arms and armour.

Green-fingered horticultural types can prepare for the upcoming gardening season by paying a visit to this ever-popular festival and taking a stroll around the always-impressive selection of show gardens. Guests can enjoy the National Trust site after dark and take part in a wide variety of family activities, including storytelling and marshmallow-eating around the campfire, twilight bushcraft and star-watching.

Seals in the City The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has opened a state-of-the-art marine rescue facility following multi-million pound investment and an extensive remodelling of the popular visitor attraction. Several rescued mammals will take up residency in the newly engineered open-to-thepublic environment, which spans two floors of the venue. The new facility has been carefully designed and constructed to emulate the natural ocean habitat to which the mammals are accustomed.

Atmospheric effects in the themed area help create a replica environment to further enhance the experience. For more information or to book tickets, visit sealife. Visitors can also treat themselves to afternoon tea and a glass of beer or Champagne to celebrate the bank holiday weekend. Taking place at Arbury Hall for the first time, the Midlands Air Festival offers three action-packed days of aviation-based fun. The Friday evening sees a Nightfire display lighting up the sky with pyrotechnics, a flying circus, glowing hot-air balloons and, of course, fireworks.

Spectators can watch as racers hurtle down the m track in their carefully crafted carts, hope-. The event is free to attend, with pop-up street food stalls, bars and loads of family-fun activities all featuring. The rides are suitable for youngsters aged three to 12, depending on size and height. Pre-booking is required. The big news actually has nothing to do with the 41 countries taking part.

The frontrunners But what of the competition itself? Do we have any budding Madonnas in our midst? The favourite to win comes from the. Duncan Laurence, pretty much unknown in his own country, sings Arcade, a superb, atmospheric ballad that really does deserve to come out on top. The beefy and topless Chingiz sings the very catchy Truth, which, if you concentrate on the music and not just the body! Expectations for another strong entry were high, but when he released his song, the bombastic ballad Scream, it was met with a muted response from fans.

That said, Sergey is a great performer and Russia will throw the kitchen sink at the staging, so its chances must not be dismissed. What about the girls? Well, following the second-placed success of Fuego last year, Cyprus is sending another upbeat song, Replay, by Tamta. And as for the UK If Europop is your thing and I suspect it is ,. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe the entry from San Marino. Turkish crooner Serhat returns to the contest for a second time with Say Na Na Na, the title of which should really tell you everything you need to know.

In a period when the world outside is a bit divisive and downbeat, Eurovision provides a welcome distraction from these uncertain times. So pour yourself some Bucks Fizz, make sure plenty of nibbles are on hand, and enjoy the most joyous musical experience of the year. The contenders Michael Rice has some stiff competition in Tel Aviv. Here are the bookies favourites QUIZ 1. People Need Love B. Ring Ring C. Davina McCall B. Ulrika Jonsson C. Nathasha Kaplinsky. What was memorable about the contest? There were four winners B.

It was the first contest to be broadcast in colour. Which of these pop groups unsuccessfully tried to represent Norway in the Contest? Brother Beyond B. S Club 7 C. Which former UK entrant said they would rather put pins in their eyes than represent the UK again? Cliff Richard B.

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Michael Ball C. Open photography competition and exhibition to celebrate art and wellbeing, Thurs 2 May - Thurs 13 June. Starring Kris Saddler, Rosa Coduri. Starring Willem Dafoe, Mads Mikkelsen. Stoke Film Theatre, Thurs 2 May. Starring James Purefoy, Tuppence Middleton. Starring John C. Reilly, Shirley Henderson. Starring Patricia Clarkson, Toby Jones. Starring Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges.

Van Helsing uses various Christian symbols to defeat Count Dracula.

With the voices of Sofia Mali, Jennifer Garner. Starring Alfie Allen, Martin Compston. Founded in by celebrated Austrian dancer Peter Malleck, the now-UK-based Vienna Festival Ballet presents a repertoire which comprises both full-length classics and new commissions. Starring Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal. Foreign language, subtitled. Starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton. Starring Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell. Starring Oleg Ivenko, Ralph Fiennes. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, John C.

Stoke Film Theatre, Sat 11 May. The two-day event features more than beers alongside an array of food stalls, with vendors offering delectable delights ranging from artisan flours to charcuterie, award-winning cakes, gourmet sausage rolls and local cheeses. Over 60 years later, the killing remains unsolved.

Starring Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali. Starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce. Starring Kenneth Branagh, Lolita Chakrabarti. Starring David Kross, Freya Mavor. Starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone. Starring Julie Walters, Jessie Buckley. Monday 20 - Sunday 26 May 20! Join Lucy for an illustrated talk about. With the voices of Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis. Starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams.