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He has blue stripes that extend from his body, resembling circuitry, and two large spiky balls on his back.

The red dot on the front of his head is his eye. Due to the alterations Kevin made to the AntiTrix, however, Bootleg is most likely much more powerful than Upgrade. Unlike Upgrade, Bootleg can merge with technology that is already merged with another Mechamorph, such as when he merged with the Rustbuggy while Glitch was already merged to it. If his body is damaged or taken over, he can become an smaller form, ditching the rest of his body.

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Bootleg shares the same weaknesses as any other Galvanic Mechamorph. For example, he is vulnerable to the electrical attacks of a Fulmini. CIA Bootleg is experienced in finding market opportunities, ideating better products, designing engaging services and making organizations more creative and innovative.

It also developed and ran innovation laboratories and workshops for Unilab, Wyeth, Ayala Land, Ateneo Graduate School of Business and other major corporations. Creative Intelligence Associates CIA — The Brand Architect Group was founded in in Japan by highly successfully brand strategists, architects and designers with international experience. These creative entrepreneurs have enjoyed success in consumer insighting, brand building and designing experiences. He produced and directed a documentary on Jose Rizal, which is regularly shown on The History Channel.

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He has worked with international art galleries and has collaborated with visual artists to produce hundreds of art exhibitions globally. Jay also owns The Grey Market, a chain of stores selling vinyl records, and , two vinyl bars in White Plains and Salcedo Village. Jay regularly produces record albums for respected local bands like Sandwich and Pedicab.

He helps companies understand their desirable future and envision strategic paths to get there.

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Shogo has experience in the world of fine art dealing and also successfully established a retail branding system for ITOCHU Corporation. Our interviewer also guides the respondents to reach a meditative trance state that allows them to revisit deep-seated memories, cognitive and emotional associations that influence and control their current behavior towards products and services.

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CIA Bootleg Manila translates the identified insights into brand strategies that cover major strategic concerns i. The core ideation team has a deep collective experience in branding, marketing, entrepreneurship, design, creativity and innovation.

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  5. Complementing the core ideation team is an ever-evolving mix of creative collaborators, specially formed per project. Together with our clients, we develop, improve, and evolve their brands to greater heights.

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    As a result, our clients win awards and recognitions, achieve market success and more importantly, create products and services that leave an indelible imprint in the market. Skip to content. Aaron Palileo.