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Does anyone know what type of dept collector they are. I just dont pick up if i dont know who it is and they never leave a message. Got a call, am afraid it could be a scam. Please, let me know if this is really a business calledSilver roofing?. They insisted to come and inspect my roof on Friday.

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They are trying to sell dental insurance. If you call back and dial 9, you are removed from their calling list. This no. Last entry over a year ago. I have received about 6 calls from this number. When you answer it's a recording of a man saying "hello hello I can't hear you".

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These ppl believe that by phoning us with their unidentified no. Asked if a person named X was there, when answered in the affirmative, immediately cut the call. Called the number only to be dumped into a mailbox. Always says, 'this is an important message about your credit card, there is no problem with it, My number is on a do not call list. Because of this it is ilegal for them to call me.

Not only that but it is a big waste of their time and mine. I got a call and the name came up on caller ID. I don't know this person and I'm glad I don't have voice mail. Since I've had Charter phone I've been getting weird local callers.. Well, sometimes my general disposition can be less than pleasant, despite his overwhelming optimism. It was Memorial Day weekend and Corbin was incessantly attempting to get me to go hiking with him. I did not want to wake up before 8am or leave my bed and I certainly did not want to drive 3 hours to exercise. I finally conceded and we headed to Grandfather Mountain.

About a mile from the top of the peak, he forced me out of the car to take the trail by foot. Corbin was more chipper than usual and I scolded him constantly for practically running up the terrain. He kept hurrying me along but when we reached the cable bridge, I was over it. He bounced around from rock to rock, coming dangerously close to mountain ledges at times. He sat me down at a remote overlook. He took a knee and reached for my right hand, which I thought was so strange.

Then he took my left hand. He seemed so nervous and it finally dawned on me what we were doing there. He began to speak but to this day, I have genuinely no idea what he said. He also does not remember what he had rehearsed either. I started to cry my eyes out and by the time I lifted my head from my hands, Corbin looked horrified.

I had gone to the optometrist the day before and had my eyes dilated. Cheers erupted from others on the mountain who had witnessed our special moment and a medic actually stopped by shortly thereafter to see if we were ok. A perceptive stranger witnessed what was happening and captured the moment with her camera. She was kind enough to text us the photos afterwards which we will cherish forever. Without context, though, the photos totally look like Corbin is breaking up with me.

We toured the grounds and were ready to cut a deposit check that day.

The only thing I admittedly was worried about was the technical address. Customer service, or lack thereof in some cases, was a huge concern initially when we were contemplating venues. What drew us to Fearrington was that everything is essentially in-house. Once you tour the place, there is no doubt in your mind that everything would be executed to the finest degree and detail.

For the few things that must be outsourced photography, makeup, music, transportation , Gilda has a comprehensive list of vendors for every category imaginable, all of which are well reviewed. We never had a single worry when it came to planning besides our own indecisiveness about the small details.

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Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day. It sounds so silly but Corbin and I both were most thankful for the minutes we had after the ceremony alone by the fire in the garden house. It was so calming to know that Gilda was looking out for us from start to finish. She knew what was important to Corbin and me. We had told Gilda in our first planning session that at the end of the day, we just want to spend our lives together and that making a spectacle of it was not a priority.

Fearrington provided that from beginning to end and we are still receiving compliments about how beautiful everything was. What was the biggest surprise of the day?

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I was in the middle of my makeup session with Pam Hung OnLoKtionMakeup Artistry , shameless plug, Pam and her crew are amazing , my mother-in-law stopped by to give me a present. Inside the box, she had a handwritten note and naturally, I started crying. Ebooks and Manuals

That was probably not ideal since Pam was applying fake lashes and mascara. The blanket was special because Corbin is a twin and he and his sister, Courtney, were born prematurely at 3 months. His parents were told that they likely would not make it out of the NICU. It meant so much to have a piece of his history on my wedding day. The florist attached it to my wedding bouquet carefully, at my request, which was just another example of an above and beyond accommodation Fearrington does for its brides. What was your biggest surprise about wedding planning? I felt like royalty during the whole process.

The commitment to service is unrivaled at Fearrington and the biggest surprise of our wedding planning came just a few days before our wedding.

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We had reserved the venue for November 17th for our ceremony and reception. When we visited, I took one look at The Barn and nearly fell over.