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This mixture of translation, adaptation and plain fiction was carefully reworked into an epic form, probably under the masterful guidance of Hugh Blair, whose theo- retical knowledge must have been indispensable when the young Macpherson was constructing the poems. Indeed, Macpherson himself revealed his use of pre-texts, some origi- nal Milton and some translated Homer , at several points in his footnotes in the editions he saw through the press, and after his death, in , Malcolm Laing published a hostile edition of Ossian which is, in effect, a massive indict- ment of plagiarism, yet another bizarre turn in the Ossianic controversies.

The influence was wide ranging and went well beyond the aspect of translation, firstly, in the method of collecting balladry and translating it or editing it into an epic form; the Finnish Kalevala is a case in point;28 secondly, in the translation of epic poetry in Brit- ain, where the traditional forms gave in to more experimentation towards blank verse and even hexameter; and thirdly, in the spirit and style of writing in an age of sentimentality, particularly in Germany.

Simultaneously, it must be remem- bered that the greatest forgery perpetrated in connection with the Poems of Os- sian was committed in the paratexts that functioned as verification. The pseudo- translation of The Poems of Ossian insofar as it fits that definition, for there were more sources than Toury claims did, however, lean on the textual strate- gies of existing translations to achieve its objective. One relates to the Book of Mormon, which is also an example of a pseudotrans- lation that refers to previous translations, as Toury admits in a footnote They are native speakers of German and their pseudotranslation turned out to be an original.

But as Toury himself asserts, they did not take the features that comprise the so- called novelties directly from Norwegian, or from any other Scandinavian literary works, to which the two had no access anyway. Rather, they were linguistic, textual and literary features pertinent to German translations of impressionistic and naturalistic texts of Scandinavi- an origin 51, emphasis in text. Why the translations, rather than the imitative pseudotranslations, are not given credit for the introduction of these novelties into German literature is dif- ficult to understand.

But this truly insightful essay or Chapter shows very clearly how translations are constantly marginalised, even by a sympathetic commentator such as Toury. What it shows best, however, is that in order to be original one must be national, and vice versa. It is a necessary illusion, or at any rate, an illusion accepted, if grudgingly at times.

Rewriting, plagiarism and palimpsest overlap to an extent, but these ideas of transtextuality have flanks not covered by each of them. Pseudotranslation has been discussed above, and it gets its own category despite the fact that it could be defined as forgery. But then again, many of his texts resemble what Macpherson and Percy had already published; there was simply no pretence of translation.

It was one form of translation without an orig- inal text. Editing includes not only scholarly editing of older texts, but also the colla- tion of manuscripts and other interventions into previous texts, be they minor corrections of typos or active selection of text material and all kinds of euphe- mising. Parody and satire are put into the same box, although the concepts are dis- tinct in degree as Genette has shown very well in Palimpsests The first printing presses of Europe almost invariably printed trans- lations into the native languages before anything else.

The Renaissance is rarely spoken of in a translational context, although in itself it was a massive translational movement. Rather than being a rebirth, it was a re-newal of the ancient heritage in the native language. This is the major point, for the re- newal consisted not only in the discovery of the ancient heritage, as the standard interpretation goes, but in a re-writing in a new language.

The impulses of the Renaissance and their effects on national literatures have often been mentioned, but it is the translational aspect which I want to emphasise, for it represents the method of what I refer to as a translation without an original text. Hence Louis G. What made the Renaissance different from the previous periods and indeed, as schoolchildren are taught, presents a decisive cut in European history, was among other things the change in attitude towards the ancient heritage and its systematic application as an aesthetic model, through theoretical, translational or both kinds of ap- proaches.

The beginning of native language ideology can, then, probably be ascribed to two cultural events. In this text Dante Alighieri makes his claim for writing poetry in the native language, although this does not mean leaving the classical paradigms; no, it is exactly a way of retaining them and at the same time be able to use the vernacular.

It is a major step in re-evaluating the native language and, in effect, sets it up as an equal, or at least as a potential equal, of the classical languages. This in itself became a paradigm in Europe as a whole, and one of the major effects of the Renaissance was that writing in the vernacular exploded.

The other event is of course the Reformation with its evangelical focus on the word of god. The next centuries are the success story of the native languages and there are many milestones to be seen for that movement. I will mention only a few: 1. The market for books in the vernacular grew steadily in print capitalism as Benedict Anderson has pointed out and the demand shows simultaneously the increasing importance of native languages.

Another aspect of that development is the broadening base of texts being translated, either from the Latin or even other languages. Key literary texts such as Homer and Virgil etc. Whatever the label of their epoch, they certainly provided renewal in their native language on such a scale that they have themselves become classics.

A language that could not master the poets and forms of antiquity remained parochial. These could take the form of a defence of poetry of which there were numerous, or instructions for poets, such as the one by the German Martin Opitz who wrote Buch von der Deutschen Poeterey, a kind of handbook for young poets in , advising them amongst other things to translate poetry in order to learn to write it.

Opitz also wrote a defence for the writing of poetry in the native language, in Latin like Dante. Another famous defender of the native language amongst others was, curiously, the German philopsopher Leibniz, curiously because he himself wrote mostly in French. It would be possible to list many other events in this vein such as the beginning of writing native language grammars and dictionaries, but I will only mention one more, and that is the establishment of chairs in the native language and liter- ature at the universities, a relatively recent phenomenon.

It was only in the nine- teenth century that professors of languages such as English and German started teaching at universities, thus marking the true victory of the Moderns and native language ideology. The first consists of the temporal and psychological levels of narration. Auerbach points out that the old Platonic accusation that Homer is a liar is irrelevant for its worth as an imitation, whereas the Biblical text does not pretend to be a suc- cessful imitation i.

The most graphic instance of this which Auerbach does not mention can be seen in the structural parallels of the two biblical sto- ries of multilingual miracles. The first narrative, the negative one of the tower of Babel, is a constant in translational discourse. The third level Auerbach refers to is the stylistic relation of the sublime and class, i. Yet in a way he does not, for what is mimesis but a certain kind of transla- tion?

One textual reality is translated into another, the same logos, in Platonic terms, is repeated in a different lexis, a thoroughly mimetic operation. Apparently, the Koran is seen in Islam as the completion of the biblical heritage. We remember that Socrates imagined Homer United by this Sympathetick Bond, as the arch-imitator at the very moment he You grow Familiar, Intimate and Fond; was imitating the words of someone else, talk- Your thoughts [sic], your Words, ing like someone else, becoming another.

Melberg rejects his argument on the grounds of its being too dialectical and, citing Gadamer, hence more Platonic than Plato This search, I argue, could be and is as well done through translation as through mimesis, despite a slight difference of quality that has most often been interpreted by implication as difference in essence. This difference is often seen not as qualitative, but as absolute. The parallel is hardly ever drawn, so the proof lies in the absence of analogy. But it is not ar- bitrary, or even radical, to try to shift the perspective a little without taking cov- er behind a metaphor.

Translation is, if anything, a mimetic operation. Even prior to translation the term was a trouble- maker. Why would Plato have cho- sen the form if not to create a distance between himself and those who are speaking? Any action which is the cause of a thing emerging from non- existence into existence might be called poetry, and all the processes in all the crafts are kinds of poetry, and all those who are engaged in them poets.

In the following I will refer to the page numbers. Aristotle translates by inversion and invents catharsis in order to let immoral characters improve morals. Here the concept became acutely a problem of translation through its actual translation as a term and the cultural translation of the Greek heritage into the Roman.

The Greek version of mimesis also referred to re- writings of previous work in competition, rewritings which were presented in competitions. The idea was to present a better representation of events than the former writer had done. Not particularly for the Romans themselves, who were happy to imitate, translate and lift without bothering much about the sources, in fact preferring this. There is, however, an uneasiness present in Horace that is decisive for the ideas on translation in Western thought, and that not only in connection with the often repeated, indeed very much Horatian, dialectic of lit- eralism versus free translation.

Horace deserves more attention than this, though, for the pejorative paradigm of transla- tion as a secondary act can actually be traced to his influence. Ironically, or ra- ther obviously, his classification had the ideological objective of upgrading his and other Roman work; that is, to apply what was later termed translatio studii to make the Greek original Roman.

See Albrecht on Cicero and Horace The poet should not use obscure and abstruse terms except when absolutely necessary and then very sparingly and only those of Greek origin ll. Why through false shame do I prefer to be ig- norant rather than to learn? A little further on in the text the famous nec verbo verbum appears, and it is interesting to see how exactly the context has been translated by different trans- lators ll.

Prescribe at first such strict uneasie rules, As they must slavishly observe, Or all the laws of decency renounce In both cases the mimetic operation is translational, for the sources of public domain Horace points to are Greek. Two hundred years of copyright make some difference. The manner in which the two translators treat the famous phrase referring to their own activity is also revealing.

Roscommon, being a poet, is perhaps a bit more honestly subjective than the scholar and he is also much more aware of the art of translating than the latter, who indeed must be expressing the way he feels when translating, though with an accuracy that reveals an ideological stance more than perfect scholarship. It is exactly this act which removes translation from the mimetic op- eration, making it simultaneously mechanical and worthless in itself. In Epistle I. This attempt at redefining the Latin adjective fidus through repeated translation gives the impression Horace was advising translators specifically, which he was not, just imitators.

This is the method by which the translatio finally succeeds in translating while removing all no- tions of translating, what I refer to as a translation without an original: I was the first to show Latium the iambics of Paros, following the rhythms and spirit of Archilochus, not the themes or the words that hounded Lycambes. And lest you should crown me with a scantier wreath because I feared the measures and form of verse, see how manlike Sappho moulds her Muse by the rhythm of Archilochus; how Alcaeus moulds his, though in his themes and arrangement he differs, looking for no father-in- law to besmear with deadly verses, and weaving no halter for his bride with defaming rhyme.

Him, never before sung by other lips, I, the lyrist of Latium, have made known. It is my joy that I bring things untold before, and am read by the eyes and held in the hands of the gently born What he has really done is to translate the forms themselves into Latin, thereby showing the means by which the Latin could be moulded to the needs of the foreign form, could be given the sublimity of the foreign form. What Horace achieved, however if not in his own day then at least in latter-day discourse was to create a mimetic imbalance and, through the nec verbum verbo, a distinctive relegation of translation out of the first class of mi- mesis.

Whereas he was of course translating himself — everything but words: genre, ideas, characters, traditions. For example, in the eighteenth century Homeric translations were cleansed of Ro- man deities and names, which were replaced with the original ones, an act not as scholarly as it may at first sight seem, for it also served the new translatio of na- tionalism in the eighteenth century, with the aim of getting rid of the middle- men, the Romans, in order to lay the true claim to the original Greeks.

One of those who noticed this was Nietzsche. In the age of Corneille and even of the Revolution, the French took possession of Roman antiquity in a way for which we would no longer have courage enough — thanks to our more highly developed historical sense. And Roman antiquity itself: how forcibly and at the same time how naively it took hold of everything good and lofty of Greek antiquity, which was more ancient! How they translated things into the Roman present! How deliberately and recklessly they brushed the dust of the wings of the butterfly that is called moment!

Thus Horace now and then translated Alcaeus or Archilochus; and Propertius did the same with Callimachus and Philetas poets of the same rank as Theocritus, if we may judge. What was it to them that the real creator had experienced this and that and written the signs of it into his poem? As poets, they had no sympathy for the antiquarian inquisitiveness that precedes the historical sense; as poets, they had no time for all those very personal things and names and whatever might be considered the costume and mask of a city, a coast, or a century: quickly, they replaced it with what was contemporary and Roman.

Should we not have the right to breathe our own soul into this dead body? For it is dead after all; how ugly is everything dead! Indeed, translation was a form of conquest. In fact, his example from Horace refers exactly to that passage quoted above. The subjectivity of experience is preserved when it is translated into language; the world is then no longer seen as a configuration of entities that designate a plurality of distinct and isolated meanings, but as a configuration of symbols ultimately leading to a total, single, and universal meaning During the age of originality of genius , mimesis was transformed and re- named as originality and translation was firmly consigned to the role Horace originally conceived, indeed for the same purpose.

Such an inherent contradiction is bound to lead to tensions that can be kept under control only by ideology — an ideology that fictionalises the unity of the mimetic operation by denying its translational aspects; indeed these aspects must necessarily be taken out of the equation if that imagined unity is to be pa- raded as a reality. It is the same sort of operation the nation requires in order to see itself as one. The interpretation of the thing as hypokeimenon and then as subjectum does not only produce itself as a slight linguistic phenomenon. The absence-of ground Boden- losigkeit of Western thought opens with this translation.

Beneath the seemingly literal and thus faithful translation there is concealed, rather, a translation of Greek experience into a different way of thinking. Roman thought takes of the Greek words without a corresponding, equally authentic experience of what they say, without the Greek word.

Je souligne fondamentale Grunderfahrung. It amounts to a Babelian ban on speech: The ground of thought comes then to be lacking when words lose speech [la parole]. While Schapiro and Heidegger disagree over their attribution, the colloquy of Derrida and his interlocutors finds a secret correspondence beneath the overt disagreement: together, the two great professors attribute or restore the shoes to some owner, some subject to Van Gogh himself or to a peasant.

From out of this gulf arise specters or ghosts of a recent German past, one that left mountains of abandoned shoes all over the European landscape Between And what are the con- sequences? In this long essay his steps need to be carefully traced, backwards, in order to see the carefully constructed contradictions that are everything but anti- thetical.

Close to the end Heidegger couples history with art, i. This happens through a shove which transports his- tory into movement, not as a linear account of events but as the movement of a people from what it has left behind forgotten? Geschichte meint hier nicht die Abfolge ir- gendwelcher und sei es noch so wichtiger Begebenheiten in der Zeit. True, Heidegger does not use this terminology, but he translates into his private lan- guage.

Sie geschah im Abendland erstmals im Griechentum. Das geschah im Mittelalter. Dieses Seiende wurde wiederum ver- wandelt im Beginn und Verlauf der Neuzeit. History means here not a sequence in time of events of whatever sort, however important. Jedesmal brach eine neue und wesentli- che Welt auf It is, however, obviously a Heideggerian translation of the translatio. The contradiction seems blatant, raising the question of how this is possible in the space of 70 pages.

The answer I suggest is the closing off of mimesis and translation, a forget- ting of words while taking advantage of the process. This regres- sion takes place through the medium of language, native language, because this is the route to the well of origins and the essence of poetry: Die Sprache selbst ist Dichtung im wesentlichen Sinne.

This foundation happened in the West for the first time in Greece. What was in the future to be called Being was set into work, setting the standard. This happened in the Middle- Ages. This kind of being was again transformed at the beginning and in the course of the modern age. Beings became objects that could be controlled and seen through by calculation.

But since language is the happening in which for man beings first disclose themselves to him each time as beings, poesy—or poetry in the narrower sense—is the most original form of poetry in the essential sense. Das ent- werfende Sagen ist jenes, das in der Bereitung des Sagbaren zugleich das Unsagbare als ein solches zur Welt bringt. In solchem Sagen werden einem geschichtlichem Volk die Begriffe seines Wesens, d.

It has to be kept in mind that he is of the opinion that language is es- sentially poetry His division of language into two functions, banality and an almost mystical function of art, is reminiscent of two famous essays on trans- lation. Projective saying is saying which, in preparing the sayable, simultaneously brings the unsayable into the world.

Aber die Sprache ist nicht nur und nicht erstlich ein lautlicher und schriftlicher Ausdruck dessen, was mitgeteilt werden soll. Wo keine Sprache west, wie im Sein vom Stein, Pflanze und Tier, da ist auch keine Offenheit des Seienden und demzufolge keine solche des Nichtseienden und des Leeren In the current view, language is held to be a kind of communication. It serves for verbal exchange and agreement, and in general for communicating. But language is not only and not primarily an audible and written expression of what is to be communicated.

It not only puts forth in words and statements what is overtly or covertly intended to be communicated; language alone brings what is, as something that is, into the Open for the first time. Heidegger uses different argu- ments to draw this division, but nonetheless makes language, native language it must be, the essence of being human. It means more. Heidegger, then, sees the origin in a movement that brings truth to light in the form of works of art.

Indeed the pedagogical power of literature in the eighteenth century was seen in terms of claims to truth; in the enlightened circles it was usually enough that moral truth was beauty, to see it the other way around probably took a Romantic like Keats. The reproduction of what exists requires, to be sure, agreement with the actual being, adaptation to it; the Middle Ages called it adaequatio; Aristotle already spoke of homoiosis.

Agreement with what is has long been taken to be the essence of truth His origin of the work of art is art that constitutes itself from its own source, which he does not name divinity but which has a mystical touch to it. Neither in his adaptation of the Longinian para- digm with all the philosophical discursive additions nor his simple cut between truth and beauty as if aesthetics up to that point had only been occupied with the latter. What is important in this context is the way in which Derrida examines two aspects of the terms used in connection with translation problems : 1.

Heidegger, interestingly, mentions both Aristotle and the medieval notions in his dismissive sentence quoted above. Derrida also hinges his definition on that definitive break, the source of the translatio in the broadest sense: 2. In that case it can more readily be translated as imitation. This translation seeks to express or rather historically produces the thought about this relation. The two faces are separated and set face to face: the imitator and the imitated, the latter being none other than the thing or the meaning of the thing itself, its manifest presence.

A good imitation will be one that is true, faithful, like or likely, adequate, in conformity with the phusis essence or life of what is imitated; it effaces itself of its own accord in the pro- cess of restoring freely, and hence in a living manner, the freedom of true presence , emphasis in text. And yet translation is not fully there, or only implicitly as a linguistic referential opera- tion. If he has, he is certainly not alone, but it is noteworthy that the notion of mimesis was itself not very visible during the age of originality.

Elle se laisse alors plus facilement traduire par imitation. As Bern- hard F. Scholz notes in a preface to a recent collection of essays bearing the same title, Auerbach konnte [ On the other hand, as we have seen, not even Plato and Aristotle agreed on that point.

And, as a matter of fact, it is constructed via translation. Considering the fact that he is explicitly attacking postmodern criticism, both his method and results are surprising. Such moments, not to forget the joking comment on the table of contents, or the ironic postscript of the second edition, dated April 13, , in which he expressly underlines mistakes other authors would have silently corrected, do not allow for an interpretation of his terminology or conclusions that is in key with German conventions in critical discourse.

In his Leistung der Form. To which I firmly agree. The cultural context of all ancient, medieval and any texts more than a few years old is different than that of the receiver, native or foreign. By disclaiming totality and being confined to particularity, interpretative representation is only able to grasp individual shades of representative knowledge and that always and only within the parameters of its position.

An adequate grasp of the whole representation is, if at all, only possible in the temporally unforeseeable history of its reception, i. So the artist is forced to lie in order to tell the truth. It is the necessarily added truth that turns fact into knowledge. Less, when one is satisfied with mere reporting; more, the more exactly one tries to formulate? Page 24 in the first edition. See also my Damit wir wissen, was sie geschrieben haben The re- newal of reality can then follow when the facts are reinterpreted with the aid of the desire of knowing what one does not know, the desire that Diotima told Soc- rates in the Symposium and he Agathon was at the basis of love; as soon as it has been fulfilled there can be no desire anymore.

What makes the desire strong is the lack of transparency. The wish to know what is beyond the known has been the major drive of human epistemological desire, the mystery being the battlefield of humanist humanity and the divine. And now, when the limits of knowledge have almost been reached, when the di- vine unknown has, as Nietzsche prophesied, lost the battle, humanity stands be- fore the frightening moral questions previously delegated to divinity, i. It is not a new moment in history, but one that recurs when humans become victims of their own hubris and think they know everything, and that they are able to control nature through that knowledge.

As always, they forget them- selves, the cause of all instability, and forget that all transparency is imagined, the true folly of security that imagines everything can be translated into meaning and that all fictions have been interpreted. The feeling that there is an end — the end of history, first prophesied in the Bible, but also by Hegel and Fukuyama among others; the end of work Rifkin ; the end of humanism Sloterdijk — is prevalent, but perhaps all these endings can be translated into the end of truth as truth. That would also mean the end of imitation, beginning it anew.

So that we can experience and know therefrom the unsaid of a thinker, of any type, we must attend to what he says. The literary anxiety of influence Bloom is perhaps more an anxiety of language, natively powerful as a sublime manifestation and sublimely frightening as a foreign power. We have visual dreams in order to es- cape the logic of language. Imitation is the translation of a reality into words. Words are the primal instrument of power.

Communication is power. Of the trio of translation, imitation and metaphor, translation is a kind of tertium comparationis, an operative element that makes possible the connection between a vision and its metaphor, between a reality and its imitation. Meta- phors, the textual manifestations of imitations, have been translated from their non-verbal state, formed to the logic of language through the act of translation. That this method could be applied to move these objects across the hurdles of different languages is what truly made humanity godlike; for it is the ultimate rebellion against the curse of the tower of Babel and in itself a new spiritual ver- sion of that tower, a tower of translation.

It is the way in which Christ the human God made his word known through his apostles, translators of words into many languages and not of visions into one language as the previous prophets had been. This is like a kind of dream which imagi- nes an Italian speaking his native language to an Englishman who understands Italian and answers in English, a language the Italian understands.

This Utopia leaves out the necessity of translation, and holds desperately to the native lan- guage at the same time. As long as there are different languages, translation will be the substitute, if not the perfect language. It is the human an- swer to the divine wrath of Babel. Through the most radical and microscopic of all acts of transla- tion, Frankenstein, originally a pathological metaphor, has finally been translat- ed into a real possibility.

It reproduces a text in anoth- er language, another culture, another world, and at the same time it begets it with the previous text. Geneticists have therefore chosen the right term, transla- tion, to describe one of the most important operations of reproduction within the cell. But ordinary, mundane sexual reproduction is also a sort of translation in this sense, the combination of two different codes to create a third that is formed only of what the parent codes have contributed.

This is best proven when one examines the rela- tionship between the previous and the following. If identical, the following is automatically detested; it is only a repetition and nothing new. In the antiquarian bookshop, the second edition of a book is almost always worth less than the first, and anyone knows the difference in price between an original painting and a copy, even if both are made by the same artist. It is not coincidental in this context.

This metaphorical vocabulary refers to the procreative activity within the cell. When someone else produces the copy, however, then the copying is an act that may even raise the price of the original, for why should one copy a second- rate work? When reproduced in a book, the copy of a painting is as good as worthless in itself and yet in that form probably raises the fame and worth of the original; it has displaced it in reality and raised its spiritual relevance. The same can be said of books; in the end, the nth edition may be worth lit- tle more than its raw production costs and at the same time displace the original object.

Or are they? Similar reasons might keep most people from reproducing themselves through the act of cloning, not the fact that they find it morally reprehensible, because it simply is not, when considered as a moral issue. The fear of the exact copy is probably stronger, for it kills the original through its likeness. In an age of originali- ty, it works the same way as the copy made by another artist, even more so.

A translation not only raises more money for a copyrighted text, but also increases its literary or spiritual worth. This is achieved through the coeval sameness and difference as well as through greater distribution. Translation works as procrea- tion metaphorically masqueraded as cloning with only the language gene changed. In our current social and reproductive terms, translation produces the legit- imate children of marriage, begotten within acceptable norms securing that the offspring will be formed according to the standards of bourgeois society.

Art, on the other hand, begets the illegitimate children of illicit love whose formation may be impossible to manage with the instruments of bourgeois society. As Aldous Huxley foresaw in Brave New World, only the latter is endangered by the absolutism of information. Even human- istic education since the Renaissance has not produced great numbers of Greek and Hebrew scholars who could really tackle these works in the original what originals would they have had?

Their interpretations would have been — and are, no doubt — learned and important, but only for them and their peers; the rest of the world, poets rewriting and readers reliving, would not have been influ- enced to a great extent. The hypothetical question above is justified because it sheds light on the reception of works that have been given universal artistic and religious hence canonical status and that have been read in one translation or another by most of their readers. The Bible was, furthermore, long read in a translation into a language already dead; St.

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Comment Wolfman - the version I know Three women were sitting around throwing back a few drinks and talking about their love lives. Tracy said, "I call my husband Big Jim. Er ging an die Barkeeperin und setzte sich hin. Barkeeperin: Wie kann ich dir helfen? Mann: Ich will dir das schmutzige Schwein zeigen, das ich frueher gefickt habe. Barkeeperin: Du spinnst, das ich kein Schwein, die ist eine Ente. Mann: Ich spreche mit der Ente! Comment weeone - 1. Solltest du laut Posting 1 kein 'garbage' schreiben. Gibt es besseren Witze Viele. Eigentlich alle anderen. Du bist sicher knapp dran. Solltest Du Dich vielleicht auch mal zu erkennen geben, wenn Du schon hier Kritik anmelden willst Apart from that, I thought this was an English-language joke thread?????!

Comment Marula: " Isn't that some kind of liquor? Comment A man in his 40's bought a new BMW and was out on the interstate for a nice evening drive. The top was down, the breeze was blowing through what was left of his hair, and he decided to open her up. As the needle jumped up to 80 mph, he suddenly saw flashing red and blue lights behind him. The needle hit 90, The cop came up to him, took his license without a word, and examined it and the car. I don't feel like more paperwork, so if you can give me an excuse for your driving that I haven't heard before, you can go.

I was afraid you were trying to give her back. Comment Some Truths I tried - but they wanted cash I admit I'm wrong and she agrees with me. Sie schauen sich an. Harry: Komisch, ich dachte gerade genau das gleiche. Comment Clinton reminds me of this one: What do you call the Clinton presidency? Sex between the Bushes Comment Jalapeno: Not bad! Comment Was tut ein Beamter, der in der Nase bohrt? Er geht tief in sich und holt das letzte aus sich heraus!!

Weil "Tempo" daraufsteht! Comment Once upon a time there was a shepherd looking after his sheep on the side of a deserted road. Suddenly a brand new Porsche screeches to a halt. The driver, a man dressed in an Armani suit, Cerutti shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, TAG-Heuer wrist-watch, and a Versace tie, gets out and asks the Shepherd: "If I can tell you how many sheep you have, will you give me one of them? He turns to the shepherd and says, "You have exactly 1, sheep here.

The shepherd looks at him and asks: "If I guess your profession, will you return my animal to me? The young man answers: "Yes, why not? Second, you charged me a fee to tell me something I already knew, and third, you don't understand anything about my business Now can I have my DOG back? Comment Treffen sich zwei Beamte auf dem Flur. Frage: Was ist das? Heute noch keinen Finger krumm gemacht. Comment AGB: Great joke!!! Comment 1. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Sie behalten eine und schenken ihrem armen Nachbarn die andere. Danach bereuen Sie es. Die Regierung nimmt Ihnen eine ab und gibt diese Ihrem Nachbarn.

Na und? Sie ist sauer. Ihre Aktien steigen. Sie gehen Mittagessen. Jetzt kreieren Sie einen cleveren Kuh-Cartoon, nennen ihn Kuhkimon und vermarkten ihn weltweit. Beide sind wahnsinnig. Sie machen Mittagspause. Und Englisch ist es auch nicht. Ist das denn so schlimm? Weiter oben werden Beamte beleidigt.

Ist das OK? So und nun, have a nice day um es mal mit LFC's Worten zu sagen. Comment Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called "Beer". The drug is found in liquid form and available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, from taps and in large "kegs". A woman needs only to get a guy to consume a few units of "Beer" and then simply ask him home for no strings attached sex.

Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several "Beers", men will often succumb to the desires to perform sexual acts on horrific looking women whom they would never normally be attracted. After drinking "Beer", men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that "something bad" occurred. At other times these unfortunate men are swindled out of their life's savings, in a familiar scam known as "a relationship. Men are much more susceptible to this scam after "Beer" is administered and sex is offered by the predatory females.

Please forward this warning to every male you know. If you fall victim to this "Beer" and the women administering it, there are male support groups where you can discuss the details of your shocking encounter with similarly affected like-minded guys. For the support group nearest you, just look up "Golf Courses" in the phone book.

Comment A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. Suddenly her husband burst into the kitchen. Put in some more butter! Oh my GOD! You're cooking too many at once. Turn them! We need more butter. Hurry up! Have you LOST your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to! Use the salt. You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs? Comment what is cotton picking in German?

Comment Two persons arguing with one another; The first one says "It's pronounced Hawaii", the second one says "Sorry but it's pronounced Havaii", no Hawaii, no Havaii The two persons arguing asked the passer-by if he could sort out their argument for them. The one man insists that Hawaii is pronounced Hawaii and the other one says that it should be pronounced as Havaii.

The passer-by says "Well guys, it's pronounced Havaii". Upon which the Havaii-man says "Thank you. I knew all along that my pronunciation is correct". The passer-by said "You're velcome". Have a nice day. Comment This reminds me: Dilbert and the new programmer who just came from Yale. But I forgot what the programmer said to make it clear where he really came from. Comment A guy sticks his head into a barber shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut? A few days later the same guy sticks his head in the door and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut? A week later the same guy sticks his head in the shop and asks, "How long before I can get a haircut?

The barber who is intrigued by this time, looks over at a friend in the shop and says, "Hey, Bill. Do me a favour man, follow that guy and see where he goes. The barber asks, "Bill, where did he go when he left here? Comment need a haircut: I was thinking hard on this one, but I don't understand - please explain. His last job was as an international terrorist. It's not a perfect fit, but he went to Yale. Sven to Dilbert: I yust got out last week. Comment BF: It's obvious, isn't it? He went to the barber's house to shag his wife. That's why he had to know how long the barber would be held up in his barber shop.

Comment Rievilo: It is obvious. Comment every day it's the same old boring thing: breathe breathe breathe. Student: "Sie bestrafen mich. Wenn Sie jedoch die Antwort nicht wissen, geben Sie mir eine Eins. Danach ruft der Professor seinen besten Studenten und stellt ihm die gleiche Frage. Comment Befehl ist alles Hier hast Du eine Pistole. Du hast 30 Sekunden, um sie umzubringen! Du hast 30 Sekunden, sie umzubringen! Comment a woman comes to a dentist for a routine check.

She settles down in the dentist's chair and opens her mouth. The dentists adjusts the chair and picks around with his tools. How's that? Is it really necessary? I'd rather give birth to another child again. Ma'am, you'd better tell me on time. That will be an totally different adjustment of the chair! Comment Little Nancy was in the garden filling in a hole when her neighbor peered over the fence.

Interested in what the little girl was up to, he politely asked, "What are you up to there, Nancy? Comment According to a news report, a certain private school in Washington recently was faced with a unique problem. A number of year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.

Every night, the maintenance man would remove them and the next day, the girls would put them back. Finally the principal decided that something had to be done. She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance man. She explained that all these lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every night.

To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, she asked the maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required. He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror with it. Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror. There are teachers, and then there are educators He follows the dog and watches him wait for a green light, look both ways, and trot across the road to a bus stop.

The dog checks the timetable and sits on the bench. When a bus arrives, he walks around to the front and looks at the number, then boards the bus. The butcher follows, dumbstruck. As the bus travels out into the suburbs, the dog takes in the scenery. After awhile he stands on his back paws to push the "stop" button, then the butcher follows him off. The dog runs up to a house and drops his bag on the stoop. He goes back down the path, takes a big run, and throws himself -Whap!

He does this again and again. No answer. So he jumps on a wall, walks around the garden, beats his head against a window, jumps off, and waits at the front door. A big guy opens it and starts cursing and pummeling the dog. The butcher runs up screams at the guy: "What the hell are you doing? This dog's a genius! It's the second time this week he's forgotten his key! Comment In a monastery an older monk and a younger monk are making transcripts from the books in the library. Suddently, the younger monk asks: "Say, for how long are the transcripts made like this?

I will check that later Why are you banging your head against that wall? The older monk turns to him and says: "I compared the transcripts with the originals! The word is celebrate!!! Comment Bukowski: Please explain, I don't get the point, since there is no reference in the story to the word "celebrate" or the like. Comment Heinz H, ich denke mal dass es so gemeint ist: Moenche muessen ja "celibate", also das Zoelibat halten Die sind super, danke! Und es freut mich, dass dich die Quotes of the day erfreuen. Comment hello heinz h.

Comment A man standing in line at a check-out counter of a grocery store was very surprised when an attractive woman behind him said, "Hello! He gave her that "who-are-you? Then, noticing his look, she figured she had made a mistake and apologized. The guy was dumbfounded and thought to himself, what the heck is the world coming to?

  1. mira, Autor auf Milla ClubMilla Club.
  2. Jelinek-Handbuch;
  3. Cozumel (French Edition).
  4. Wildlife Forensic Investigation: Principles and Practice.
  5. Hechizos del infierno: Cómo identificar, llevar cautivas y disipar las armas de la oscuridad (Spanish Edition)?
  6. Friedl Peter - AbeBooks!

Here is an attractive woman who can't keep track of who fathers her children! Then he got a little panicky. He ran from the store and caught her in the parking lot and asked, "Are you the girl I met at a party in college, and then we got really drunk and had wild crazy sex on the pool table in front of everyone?

Comment Q: You are stuck in an elevator with a tiger, a lion and a lawyer. You have a gun with just two bullets in it. What do you do? A: Shoot the lawyer twice to make sure he's dead. Comment A man walked into an ice cream shop Man: I'd like some chocolate ice cream. Scooper: I'm sorry sir, but we're out of chocolate. Would you like something else? Man: Yes, I'd like some chocolate ice cream. Scooper: I'm sorry, but we don't have that.

Would you like to try a different flavor? Man: Um I'd like some chocolate ice cream. Scooper: We don't have that. How about a different kind of ice cream? Man: I'll have some chocolate ice cream. Man: V-A-N. Scooper: That's what I've been trying to tell you! Comment How do you describe a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac? It's a guy who sits up all night wondering if there is a dog or not. Comment Jack and Betty are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

You don't want to ask that question Yes, 3 times. When were they? Remember how one day the bank president himself came over to the house and signed the loan papers, no questions asked? I respect you even more than ever, that you would do such a thing for me!

Commons:Quality images candidates/Archives September - Wikimedia Commons

So, when was number 2? Remember how Dr. DeBakey came all the way up here, to do the surgery himself, and then you were in good shape again? Betty, I love that you should do such a thing for me, to save my life! I couldn't have a more wonderful wife. To do such a thing, you must really love me darling. I couldn't be more moved. When was number 3? Comment Moses spend 40 days and nights on the mountain talking to god and receiving the commandments. When he comes down from the mountains, he gathers the Hebrws around him and tells them: "I have some good news and some bad news: The good news is: I talked him down to The bad news is: Adultery is still one of them!

In a bid to break the ice with his new audience he asks if anyone would like him to play a request. A little old Japanese man jumps out of his seat in the first row and Shouts at the top of his voice "Play a Jazz chord! Play a jazz chord! Amazed that this guy knows about the jazz influences in Stevie's varied career, the blind impresario starts to play an E minor scale and then goes into a difficult jazz melody for about 10 minutes.

When he finishes the whole place goes wild. The little old man jumps up again and shouts "No, no, play a Jazz chord, play a Jazz chord". A bit pissed off by this, Stevie, being the professional that he is, dives straight into a jazz improvisation with his band around the B flat minor chord and really tears the place apart. The crowd goes wild with this impromptu show of his technical expertise. The little old man jumps up again.

Play a Jazz chord, play a jazz chord". Well and truly pissed off that this little guy doesn't seem to appreciate his playing ability Stevie says to him from the stage "OK smart ass. You get up here and do it! Comment A guy walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink. He starts eating the beer nuts at the bar and he hears a voice say, "Wow! You are amazing! Comment A three year old little boy was examining his testicles while taking a bath. Mama, he asked, Are these my brains? Mama answered, Not yet. Comment For Wolfman's male chauvi collection;- The definition of bravery: Bravery is arriving home late after a boys' night out, being confronted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?

Comment A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit one night. It was her turn. Her question was, "If you are in a vacuum and someone calls your name, can you hear it? Comment This stuff is comedy gold! Where are you people getting these jokes from? Because I'm so impressed and amused, I'll share one of the only three jokes I've made an effort to remember: This one is better if you can imagine an Irish accent.

A young Irishman walks into a bar. That's not the joke -- that happens many thousands of times a day. He goes up to the bartender and orders three pints of Guinness, waits for them to be poured, then goes over to a table in the corner and slowly drinks all three while watching the football match on the television. Eventually he comes back to the bar and asks for another three pints. The bartender says, "You know, they do taste better if you order them one at a time I'll be here all night, there's no hurry.

And then one day, after several months have gone by, the young Irishman comes in and says "I'll have two pints of Guinness, please. The young man is in his corner sipping his first pint, and finally the bartender comes over to him and says "You know, I don't mean to intrude upon your grief, but I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. No, it's not that I've lost one of my brothers The next question will give you the top prize of One Million dollars if you get it right Is it No, I haven't got a clue.

I'd like to phone a friend Regis, just to be sure. Regis: "Yes, who, Barbara, do you want to phone? Barbara: "I'll phone my friend Maggie back home in Birmingham. Comment ringing Maggie also a blonde : "Hello The next voice you hear will be Barbara's and she'll read you the question. There are 4 possible answers and 1 correct answer and you have 30 seconds to answer -- fire away Barbara.

It's a Cuckoo. Here is your check. You have been a great contestant and a real gambler. Audience please put your hands together for Barbara. Maggie: "Listen Barbara, everybody knows that a Cuckoo lives in a clock. Comment A soldier came to a fork in the road and saw a nun standing there.

He asked her, Please Sister, may I hide under your skirts for a few minutes. The nun agreed to his request. Shortly thereafter, the two Military Police came running along and asked her if she had seen a soldier running down the road. She replied, He went that way. The nun said she can fully understand the fear. Comment True facts about men! If you think the way to a man's heart is through his stomach you're aiming too high.

Woman don't make fools of men -- most of them are the do-it-yourself types. The best reason to divorce a man is a health reason:you're sick of him. Never trust a man who says he's the boss at home. He probably lies about other things too. A woman's work that is never done is the stuff she asked her husband to do. If you want a nice man go for a bald one -- they try harder. Go for younger men.

You might as well -- they never mature anyway. Comment Whenever you meet a man who would make a good husband, you will usually find that he is married. Scientists have just discovered something that can do the work of five men -- a woman. There are a lot of words you can use to describe men -strong, caring, loving -- they'd be wrong but you could still use them.

Men are like animals -- messy, insensitive and potentially violent -- but they make great pets. Men's brains are like the prison system -- not enough cells per man. There are only two four letter words that are offensive to men - "don't" and "stop".. Husbands are like children -- they're fine if they're someone else's. Comment Hey, glad you liked it. I'll save my two other good jokes for another thread Comment Benson It was worth while you having remembered that one. What about the two Irish IRA terrorists driving around with a bomb on the rear seat.

The front-seat passenger said "Patrick, have you taken any precautions in case the bomb explodes?

REM POWER Skupina d.o.o.

Comment In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men's restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said, "You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn't resist He pushed WW. Warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men's restrooms don't have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside.

When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flowers to this unbelievable pleasure The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it was tender loving pleasure. I am in total agreement…strive to embody some facet of His beauty and I might add these efforts become sign posts to the Kingdom. Spreading the word about artists who pray for this anointing helps the artists and those blinded by the glittery signposts of the world.

Der hat schon im Film bewiesen, dass er die richtige Mischung aus Anspielung, Variation und Innovation hinbekommt. Thanks, Jules! And you must be clairvoyant! I have no btudos you knew who the ripples post would be about. Better yet you and Ross should have your own show! That would be my new guilty pleasure! Kjempefine tapeter!!

Ha ei super helg! Me reiser vekk i helga, so det blir ikkje noe blogging paa meg.. Haaper du fekk ferdig oversettelsen, og god bedring til veslegut. Ein klem fra Viviann:. I had been wanting to know if you ever thought of adjusting the layout of your website? Its very well written; I really like what you have got to say. But maybe you can create a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got a great deal of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better? Why don't magicians such as myself have anything at stake in this?

WE get kicked aside in favor of viral videos from the "lonelygirl15"s of the world!! I guess you need a giant corporation behind you to make a buck here!! Obedience to You Divine One is as natural as breathing and just as important. Love it Jackie! I was having trouble with the words "resolutions" or "bucket list" so the much more positive "life list" inspired me to start writing my own! Your list is fantastic so I have my work cut out for me.

I am born and? But in a grander scheme of things, Cosmis Religion is the way! Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent information being shared freely out there. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a reasonable price? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! I was basically wanting to know if you ever considered replacing the page layout of your web site?

But maybe you could add a little more in the way of written content so people might connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of wording for only having one or two photos. Maybe you can space it out better? Cup kertasnya tentu yang keras itu kan ya, yang kayak cup momma kan? Kalo itu bisa bangeet, waktu panggangnya sama saja seperti kalau pakai loyang muffin kok.. Die klassische NC Ansicht geht doch auch in Transmit.

Damit meinte ich die Arbeit im Finder. Dass das in Transmit funktioniert, ist mir klar. I think the only way that could be better would be if the sleeves went further down. But then, I don't really like t-shirt length sleeves on dresses, so that's just my weird personal preference. I LOVE the colors and the bottom of the dress, though! Congratulations, Sophronia! What a wonderful feeling you must have. VCFA is such a fine low-residency program. I hope you thrive and thrive within it. Take care. The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player.

Not a web browser. Not a game machine. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice. This app allows patients to thoroughly describe and send in pictures of their skin condition and either get recommendations of OTC products that will help or be told to go see their physician about it.

The challenges to this app require the patient to have ability to take pictures with their phone. It also requires a qualified physician to diagnose patients questions. I must spend a while learning more or understanding more. Thank you for fantastic information I was on the lookout for this info for my mission. Love vintage furniture! We have always used Krud Kutter on our outdoor furniture as well faux wicker …hubby uses our pressure washer to clean them every year. We too have pollen and mold!

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Friedl Peter

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Doing the same things over and over and not really learning new stuff. Sometimes, one just have to jump out of the corporate life and just do the things you wanted to do. Keep your chin up. Hey thanks for the info I always knew masturbation was wrong and the effects that it had on me are on the list. The concentration and memorise problem is ruining my life. What I want to know is when you stop masturbating will the bad effects like the one above disappear? If so after how much time? Natrena Stevia heb ik nog niet geprobeerd maar de Candarel Green wel. En die is heel vies.

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October 20, at pmI agree with your post absolutely and I am now interested in reading some more of your posts on your blog and see what you have to say. Do you mind if I tweet your blog post out to my followers on twitter? I think they would also enjoy the blog post. Stock market is known for its volatile nature and real experts are those who can still earn from it.

Stock market trading offers great returns but traders should be or should become capable enough to grab those opportunities. The puppies have a very sensitive digestive system. I'd stick with puppy chow and no wet puppy food they have outside. Pedigree is a great brand. Thanks, Leon.

I wish to apprentice even though you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog internet site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been just a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept. As a freelancer you are required to create paypal account where you can get your money that send by your clients and you should also have a credit card. Self-determination and self-suffiency are concepts the Liberals will never tolerate or teach the poor.

Well, maybe the dream of self-determination and self suficiency but not how to achieve it. LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone! Just close it down or pass the torch. Two seperate times we were told there would be some action on here only to have nothing but crickets chirping. I hate ice. Hope to keep my power so I can get caught up on writing and wordpressing!

Keep your cash dude. I have more silver and 1 gold coin on the way. Tony…you know….

Capital Bra - Allein

My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought I should check things out. Look forward to finding out about your web page for a second time. Solo recordaros que para concursar a parte del mensaje os teneis que hacer seguidores. Your story was wonderful, Wes! Thank you for sharing it. I look forward to having time to look through your site more.

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There are a few more like him. This goes to show that sick kids are loved far more than healthy kids. If that is you, I have your contact info and will get in touch. Hey Obot, they still sell typewriters in America or are you too young and stupid to know that? Who cares if the slut was married or not? Obozo has already named Obozo Sr. Whether or not they were married is a mute point. The fact that he's claimed him as his biological father is the important one. Enhorabuena, Arturo!!

You can find places close to you that carry it. Niestety kryminaly C. Graham nie przypadly mi do gustu. Przyjemnej lektury. Estaba buscando en google informacion y fui a parar a tu blog, realmente me ha sido muy util, toda la informacion que tienes publicada, volvere pronto para seguir leyendo tus articulos. Poptropica Help Blog is working on a written walkthrough. In the meantime, our Lunar Colony Guide page does have a video from the YouTuber InsidersNetwork and is open for comment discussions where.

Jeg har ikke lest noen av delene, men jeg har lest tekster som sammenligner de. Uansett, temaet er interessant. Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? Many thanks! Really amazed! Everything is quite, same clear, amicable is truly a description of the problem. It offers the information. I desired to tell you that I allied with your situate with a dofollow back relations hence visitors may extend to distinguish your locate.

It is really each and every one self-same a new comer to me and this article rightly opened my delicate eyes, and I reckon that since I favor reading your blog, others will exceedingly. You can attain the link to your web position here:. Merci de votre aide. Smacks a bit of the pharisee to me. Good thing you never have had a maid—you have a snotty attitude towards people whom you consider yourself better than. Glenn, many beer geeks do understand what it takes to make beer, some just forget in the heat of the moment.

Any of us that home brew have even more respect for most professional brewers for we see how much work is involved making just one small batch of beer. I posted this on my facebook page for all my friends and family who wonder why I do not become a professional brewer. Which got me to thinking "I feel like he's a high school coach who tries to motivate me with the yelling approach" … sure I may comply, for a while, but the changes coming from that approach rarely stick. Laat die regen maar vallen! It was bad, I see this show not lasting long. If the repubs lose, and like all good Americans, I hope they do, one of the best parts will be contemplating the hundreds of millions of dollars those assholes have blown on losing campaigns.

That's a lot of money that they will no longer be able to use to create mayhem with. MEU… to de cara… adorei tudo por aqui!!! Who are the people in the wide regard circle? People with their head stuck in a hole? The world financial system is STILL one click away from collapse, so the assertion lacks credibility. Stop the BS, please. Monica, I love that so stinking much! And I love that he is here. And I assume you are NOT teaching right now, right? I love that your iktsurpok moments came around the birth of your child. That is definitely something worth waiting for.

I precisely had to thank you very much once more. I am not sure the things I would have followed in the absence of the solutions discussed by you concerning this industry. This has been a depressing dilemma for me personally, nevertheless taking note of a new expert form you managed it took me to weep for fulfillment.

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  • A Child of Eden [Acting Edition].
  • Conan's Casebook.
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