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One example of this is the collective efforts to develop an acceptable theory of computation on the real numbers. The last two decades has seen at least two new definitions of effective operations on the real numbers. Generalized Computability Theory. Mathematics and Computability Theory. Logic and Computability Theory. Computer Science and Computability Theory. Author Index. Subject Index. The first rule of good taste in writing is to use words whose meanings will not be misunderstood; and if a reader does not know the meaning of the words, it is infinitely better that he should know he does not know it.

In all other cases treated previously, such as demonstrability or definability, one has been able to define them only relative to a given language, and for each individual language it is clear that the one thus obtained is not the one looked for. For the concept of computability, however, although it is merely a special kind of demonstrability or definability, the situation is different.

The first reviews earlier concepts more This book contains an introduction to mathematical proofs. Part VIII develops properties of the real numbers from the ordered field axioms. The book maintains a targeted focus on helping students The study of random sets is a large and rapidly growing area with connections to many areas of mathematics and applications in widely varying disciplines, from economics and decision theory to biostatistics and image analysis. The drawback to such diversity is that the research reports are A comprehensive work in finite-value systems that covers the latest achievements using the semi-tensor product method, on various kinds of finite-value systems.

It not only covers all aspects of research in Fuzzy social choice theory is useful for modeling the uncertainty and imprecision prevalent in social life yet it has been scarcely applied and studied in the social sciences. Filling this gap, Application of Fuzzy Logic to Social Choice Theory provides a comprehensive study of fuzzy social choice The aim of this book is to provide an exposition of elementary formal logic.

The course, which is primarily intended for first-year students who have no previous knowledge of the subject, forms a working basis for more advanced reading and is presented in such a way as to be intelligible to the Model theory is one of the central branches of mathematical logic.

The field has evolved rapidly in the last few decades. This book is an introduction to current trends in model theory, and contains a collection of articles authored by top researchers in the field. It is intended as a reference for Designed for undergraduate students of set theory, Classic Set Theory presents a modern perspective of the classic work of Georg Cantor and Richard Dedekin and their immediate successors.

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This includes:The definition of the real numbers in terms of rational numbers and ultimately in terms of Classical and Fuzzy Concepts in Mathematical Logic and Applications provides a broad, thorough coverage of the fundamentals of two-valued logic, multivalued logic, and fuzzy logic. Exploring the parallels between classical and fuzzy mathematical logic, the book examines the use of logic in computer Combinatory logic is one of the most versatile areas within logic that is tied to parts of philosophical, mathematical, and computational logic.

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Functioning as a comprehensive source for current developments of combinatory logic, this book is the only one of its kind to cover results of the last This theory includes a wide spectrum of topics, such as the theory of reducibilities and their degree structures, computably enumerable sets and their automorphisms, and subrecursive This book provides a one-semester undergraduate introduction to counterexamples in calculus and analysis.

It helps engineering, natural sciences, and mathematics students tackle commonly made erroneous conjectures. The book encourages students to think critically and analytically, and helps to This book presents articles of L. Kantorovich on the descriptive theory of sets and function and on functional analysis in semi-ordered spaces, to demonstrate the unity of L.

Kantorovich's creative research. It also includes two papers on the "extension of Hilbert space". Essentials of Mathematical Thinking addresses the growing need to better comprehend mathematics today. Increasingly, our world is driven by mathematics in all aspects of life. The book is an excellent introduction to the world of mathematics for students not majoring in mathematical studies. Exploring the Infinite addresses the trend toward a combined transition course and introduction to analysis course. It guides the reader through the processes of abstraction and log- ical argumentation, to make the transition from student of mathematics to practitioner of mathematics.

Formal Methods in Computer Science gives students a comprehensive introduction to formal methods and their application in software and hardware specification and verification.

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The first part introduces some fundamentals in formal methods, including set theory, functions, finite state machines, This book presents to the reader a modern axiomatic construction of three-dimensional Euclidean geometry in a rigorous and accessible form. It is helpful for high school teachers who are interested in the modernization of the teaching of geometry. An exploration of the construction and analysis of translation planes to spreads, partial spreads, co-ordinate structures, automorphisms, autotopisms, and collineation groups.

It emphasizes the manipulation of incidence structures by various co-ordinate systems, including quasisets, spreads and Based on the author's more than 35 years of teaching This collection compiles the seminal contributions of Michio Sugeno on fuzzy systems and technologies. The book comprises two partsfuzzy system No other book aims, as his does, Applicable to any problem that requires a finite number of solutions, finite state-based models also called finite state machines or finite state automata have found wide use in various areas of computer science and engineering.

Handbook of Mathematical Induction: Theory and Applications shows how to find and write proofs via mathematical induction. This comprehensive book covers the theory, the structure of the written proof, all standard exercises, and hundreds of application examples from nearly every area of These results have a positive consequence: any system of axioms for mathematics that we recognize as correct can be properly extended by adding as a new axiom a formal statement expressing that A compilation of articles about Intensionality in philosophy, logic, linguistics, and mathematics.

The articles approach the concept of Intensionality from different perspectives. Some articles address philosophical issues raised by the possible worlds approach to intensionality; others are devoted Introduction to Fuzzy Systems provides students with a self-contained introduction that requires no preliminary knowledge of fuzzy mathematics and fuzzy control systems theory.

Simplified and readily accessible, it encourages both classroom and self-directed learners to build a solid foundation in The new edition of this classic textbook, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Sixth Edition explores the principal topics of mathematical logic. It covers propositional logic, first-order logic, first-order number theory, axiomatic set theory, and the theory of computability.

The text also Introduction to Mathematical Proofs helps students develop the necessary skills to write clear, correct, and concise proofs. Unlike similar textbooks, this one begins with logic since it is the underlying language of mathematics and the basis of reasoned arguments. The text then discusses deductive Model theory investigates mathematical structures by means of formal languages. So-called first-order languages have proved particularly useful in this respect.

This text introduces the model theory of first-order logic, avoiding syntactical issues not too relevant to model theory. In this spirit, Thoroughly revised, updated, expanded, and reorganized to serve as a primary text for mathematics courses, Introduction to Set Theory, Third Edition covers the basics: relations, functions, orderings, finite, countable, and uncountable sets, and cardinal and ordinal numbers.

It also provides five Beyond calculus, the world of mathematics grows increasingly abstract and places new and challenging demands on those venturing into that realm. As the focus of calculus instruction has become increasingly computational, it leaves many students ill prepared for more advanced work that requires the Presents Results from a Very Active Area of Research Exploring an active area of mathematics that studies the complexity of equivalence relations and classification problems, Invariant Descriptive Set Theory presents an introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and results of this theory.

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In this volume, logic starts from the observation that in everyday arguments, as brought forward by say a lawyer, statements are transformed linguistically, connecting them in formal ways irrespective of their contents. Understanding such arguments as deductive situations, or "sequents" in the Limits of Computation: An Introduction to the Undecidable and the Intractable offers a gentle introduction to the theory of computational complexity.

It explains the difficulties of computation, addressing problems that have no algorithm at all and problems that cannot be solved efficiently. A compilation of papers presented at the European Summer Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic, Logic Colloquium '01 includes surveys and research articles from some of the world's preeminent logicians.

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Two long articles are based on tutorials given at the meeting and present Logic Colloquium '02 includes articles from some of the world's preeminent logicians. The topics span all areas of mathematical logic, but with an emphasis on Computability Theory and Proof Theory. This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in the field of mathematical logic. CRC Press exhibits every year at more than professional and academic conferences held across the world. At these events, you will have the chance to meet the authors and to get to know the CRC Press staff.

You can also take advantage of special discounts for convention attendees. Visit us at the following conventions throughout the year. Stay on CRCPress. Exclusive web offer for individuals on all book. Stay Connected:. Recommended for You. Mathematics Mathematics is the study and application of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and analysis. Products Book Series. Toggle navigation Filter Results. A Bridge to Higher Mathematics 1st Edition. A First Course in Logic 1st Edition.

An Introduction to Random Sets 1st Edition.

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