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Very good story. It's a short book and I finished it in one sitting. I loved the quotes from various writers in this book.

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Walt Whitman, T. Eliot, Dickens, Shakespeare Unique story that shows what great lengths a father will go for his son. I didn't give this book a 5 star rating because I thought the courtroom scene felt rushed and was a bit confusing to me.

Otherwise, great story. Dec 07, Carol rated it really liked it. Here's a single dad who has a very sick son and everything seems to be against him. After losing his teaching job for missing too much work to be with his son and losing a waiter job for the same reason, Patrick decides to do something way out of his comfort zone and become a Did you really think I was going to tell you.

It's a short, quick read and a good for the season because it does have my kind of ending!! Mar 19, Cheryl rated it liked it. A father will do anything for his sick son. A familiar theme and yet Abbott carries it into the season where most appropriate. The reader comes away with what a strong sense of perseverance and love can do to help the human condition. An inspiring story even though one stretches the old adage of suspending disbelief. Dec 06, Cara Kelly Merrill rated it really liked it. A nice Christmas story that showcases a man's ability to overcome some of the worst scenarios life could throw at him.

You can't help but feel sorrow and joy for Patrick, the main character, as he battles the forces that are set to destroy him. A good little read.

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Nov 28, LuAnn rated it liked it. An enjoyable, quick, heart-warming Christmas book. I liked the Shakespeare quoting father dressed as The Ghost of Christmas Present doing street theatre to earn money to support himself and his son, but not the too-quick denouement at the end. Still, a fun read. Feb 19, Vicki rated it really liked it.

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I love Christmas books I enjoyed it being from the side of a single father as opposed to the usual single mother. The father would do anything to assure his son has what he needs It makes for interesting turmoil with the father of his deceased wife. Jun 08, James Spears rated it really liked it. It was good. Mar 12, Debra rated it really liked it.

Nice quick read. Saw it on the library shelves in March and grabbed it for. It didn't disappoint. Nov 10, Carmen rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Shelves: fiction , christian , traditionally-published , he-says. Dec 01, Allison rated it it was amazing. This little book had everything that I love Christmas, A Christmas Carol, family, and some humor yet touching. Jul 30, Anastasia rated it really liked it. A quick read and a lovely Christmas story, although the ending - and one character's predictable change of heart - felt way too abrupt for me.

Dec 25, Vicki rated it really liked it. A great holiday read about unconditional love and forgiveness. Hope these authors write more novels as I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Apr 03, Leann rated it liked it Shelves: a-to-z. Extremely predictable but sweet story about a father who will do anything for his son. Probably would have liked it better if I liked Shakespeare, who is quoted constantly. Apr 05, Caroline rated it really liked it. A wonderfully heartwarming story of a father's unconditional and boundless love for his son. Simply put, one of those feel-good-books.

Dec 25, Jackie rated it really liked it. This book is a wonderful story of a fathers love for his son and what he would do to keep his son. It was a good christmas story and easy reading. I really enjoyed the book! Jan 06, Bruce Bezanson rated it really liked it. It was a good story but when it ended the story left you hanging on some of the subjects that came up in the book. Jan 28, Daniel Brown rated it liked it.

It was a good story but pretty predictable in parts. The use of Dickens throughout was good. It was easy to read and probably geared more towards teen readers. Nov 18, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Really loved this book! Great story line! Great characters! Beautifully written! Didn't want to put it down.

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Just wish it would have been a bit longer! Roxanne rated it really liked it Mar 20, Kaley rated it really liked it Dec 12, The spirit also shares a vision of Tiny Tim 's crutch, carefully preserved by the fireplace. Scrooge asks if Tim will die. The Ghost first states that "If these shadows remain unaltered by the Future, the child will die" i. The spirit finally reveals to Scrooge two emaciated children, subhuman in appearance and loathsome to behold, clinging to his robes, and names the boy as Ignorance and the girl as Want.

The spirit warns Scrooge, "Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased," underscoring the book's social message.

The spirit once again quotes Scrooge, who asks if the grotesque children have "no refuge, no resource," and the spirit retorts with more of Scrooge's unkind words, "Are there no prisons, no workhouses? The Ghost of Christmas Present, having already aged, reveals that he will only exist on Earth for a single year's Christmas holiday as the nature of the present is to only exist in the now, this is why this ghost can only exist for one Christmas, and why he has brothers. Note the year that Charles Dickens' story was published.

It all started one very busy afternoon, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season was making people act frantic and a bit rude. The usual fanfare of spending money, counting packages, forgetting gifts and in the endless swirl of presents for Christmas it seemed Christmas got lost. I remember when I was a child Christmas was a special treat. Christmas means Christmas There 's no doubt about it; the season to be jolly descends in December and now we 're in November, Christmas is traipsing outside, pulling comical faces at the window - there 's only so much you can take.

I fancy going to the Supreme Court to attempt to reschedule Christmas for March ; y 'know change the face of consumerism and tradition as we know it - but Christmas means Christmas There 's evidence. The Christmas Gift Christmas was less than two weeks away.

Daisy felt her usual uneasiness creep over her. Eight-year-old Ryan and five-year-old Rita were agog with excitement. Little did they know all their mother had to go through to ensure they had a normal Christmas like their friends. The trouble was Peter. Peter did not believe in celebrating Christmas. The book was written to remind people that we should all be kinder and more generous towards one another, and keep the spirit of Christmas all the year, not only in the Christmas season. Scrooge is a representation of most of Victorian society, and he is used by Dickens.

Although it is a ghost story, A Christmas Carol is an uplifting tale. To what extent do you agree? A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens is a significant novella written in the Victorian era. The protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge is used to demonstrate the upper class society and their attitude towards the poor.