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But it did provide the answer to a mystery Dabbing a small amount of alcohol on the site twice a day will often lead to full healing in 2 to 3 days. If the redness does not go away or gets worse, talk to your health care provider. There can also be urachal issues without wetness.

This type of problem is seen more often in older children and adults. Instead of visible belly button drainage, the signs are:. There have been a few reports of other problems causing pain and swelling with the umbilical cord. These include infections of the remnant blood vessels. Also, the vitelline duct , between the belly button and the small intestine, sometimes has its own remnant problems.

Sometimes a health problem like appendicitis or an ovarian cyst can mimic some of the signs of urachal problems. The most common test used to diagnosis urachal anomalies is an ultrasound of the abdomen, bladder and pelvis. For more information on ultrasounds please visit our Ultrasound UH.

Most urachal problems can be found with a physical exam and ultrasound. This is done in the office of your primary care provider. An umbilical granuloma is a superficial abdominal wall problem. It will heal after treatment with antibiotics.

Tuurngait Infected

There are usually no long-term issues. Unlike the simple granuloma, umbilical wetness that does not go away should be looked at by a urologist. Most of those are not connected all the way to the bladder. But a few cases have an open pathway from the bladder to the belly button.

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This is called a patent urachus. This can be confirmed by testing urea and creatinine levels in the fluid. These levels would be high if the fluid was urine from a bladder connection. Redness can be caused by this drainage, as well as infection of the skin. If there is pain or fever, or the redness spreads to nearby skin, you will need prompt antibiotic treatment and a possible hospital stay. This type of infection of the umbilical stump is called omphalitis.

Infected Connection

It can be from bacteria from a urachal sinus. Or it could be caused by something else in the belly button area that once joined to the bowels. Once the swelling is controlled, the opening at the belly button can be looked at with a sinogram. A small tube is placed into the sinus opening and contrast dye flows in. X-rays are then taken to look at the channel. If the channel follows the path to the top of the bladder, the diagnosis is urachal sinus.

The urachus and all of its connections plus a small amount of the top of the bladder should be fully removed with surgery.

Connected and Infected

Leaving any tissue behind could allow cancer to develop. But once the urachus has potentially become a problem, it should be removed. When there is no draining sinus to look into, ultrasound of the lower belly will often show a fluid-filled, enclosed lump in the location of the urachus. In an adult with a small chance of cancer, abdominal and pelvic CT scans may also be helpful.

What Happens Under Normal Conditions?

An infected cyst almost always stays in the same place. Rarely, an infected cyst will drain into the space between the stomach and other organs, causing inflammation and fever.

How do the infections happen?

Antibiotics will heal the infection. Again, complete removal of the urachus is important. After simple drainage with a needle, urachal abnormalities come back in about a third of patients. This is because the linings and structures are still present. Sometimes a voiding cystourethrogram an x-ray using contrast dye is useful even after a physical exam and ultrasound. This is done when the draining urachus is linked to bladder outlet obstruction, which would also need to be treated. In some cases a direct look into the bladder with a cystoscopy can be helpful. But most urologists suggest using the methods previously mentioned.

After complete surgical removal of the urachus, there should be no further issues.


There is no need for routine follow-up. But, you should reach out to your health care provider if you notice any changes. Urology This website uses cookies.

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