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Later, he applied these insights to the tobacco industry and women. He encourages women to smoke instead of eating, celebrating the image of a thin woman, getting medical advice, and making smoking more suitable than eating sweets. Bruno Berthelheim, author of Cinderella, is a psychologist who believes that the story of Cinderella has various psychological effects on child's mental development.

According to Bettelheim, the story of "Cinderella" is a rather old story since the 9th century. Bettelheim discussed the complex toilet training of Oedipus, which affects the competition of brothers and sisters, the way children think to decide his position in the family.

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  • The Ever-Evolving Feminism of Cinderella | The Mary Sue.
  • Like "Cinderella", there are many fairy tales children read in their childhood. Every fairy tale has a psychological effect on the child's mental development. In evolutionary psychology, the Cinderella effect is a phenomenon in which different forms of child abuse and parent abuse are higher than their biological parents. That name is taken from a fairy tale Cinderella. Evolutionary psychologists will explain this effect as a byproduct of family prejudice as a conflict between reproductive partners investing in partners and unrelated young people.

    This theory supports both evidence and criticism. Regardless of how Bettelheim and Kolbenschlag look at the complex aspects of Cinderella, they all agree to support Cinderella as classical detail.