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Ransome Illustrator. Add to Wish List. Before they were world famous, they were little girls with big dreams. Venus and Serena Williams. Two peas in a pod. Best friends.

Serena Williams Finally Got Her Own Wheaties Box And Celebrated With The Best Instagram Caption

Six days a week they awoke before the sun came up to practice their serves and returns, to learn to run faster and hit harder. They were unstoppable.

Venus Williams on relationship with Serena Williams, apparel brand EleVen

At age fourteen, Venus played her first professional match. Some tennis fans cheered for these two fresh faces, while those who were unhappy to see two black girls competing in a nearly all-white sport booed and taunted them. I like Venus in this one. Stephen A. NBA free agency on! Learn More. Match No. The sister have played 25 times, with Serena holding a advantage. Serena holds a record against Venus in Grand Slam matches. Serena leads in Grand Slam finals.

The sisters have played only two matches before a tournament quarterfinal. This is the third. The sisters have combined to win 27 of the last 62 Grand Slams in which at least one of them has started. The longest winning streak in the series were six straight for Serena from French Open to Wimbledon.

Ten of the 25 matches have gone to three sets. Venus is the only player to defeat Serena on grass two times, while Serena is the only player to defeat Venus on grass more than two times. Serena is a heavy favorite to win on Monday. Black female rage is an incarcerating stereotype whose social costs remain absurdly high.

Open acutely depressing. Threatening to make a woman eat a tennis ball, as happened in that semifinal, seems over the line.

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It was her new attire. She spent the tournament in a tutu that she wore fitted at the waist. It was flouncy and fussy and, where the skin-tone-brown shoulder was concerned, just off.

And yet, as seen on an actual tennis court, the dress was incongruously glamorous, less a grace note than an emblem of actual grace. One, for Chase, stood out. It shows her cradling her baby before handing her off so Williams can go practice. I been here for years, putting suckas in fear.

Williams tempers its violence with something more contemplative, until all of L.

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By Saturday, the grace had begun to seep out of her. More pressure. Williams seemed embarrassed. It was that Osaka was beating Williams with power, speed, precision and poise.

Serena Williams Finally Has Her Own Wheaties Box

And the trials might have been too many for even the greatest athlete of all time to manage. Holding is a crucial aspect of any tennis match.

Serena Williams vs. Naomi Osaka: How the U.S. Open Descended Into Chaos

You have to hold a racket and the ball before you toss it.