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No Harm, No Foul: The Outcome Bias in Ethical Judgments

A Google employee lied about it. And Google lied about it.

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This paper tests predictions about this effect, known as the outcome bias, in two studies in which participants were asked to consider various ethically questionable behaviors. Participants were also given information about the outcome of such behaviors and were asked to rate the ethicality of the described actions with or without the outcome information.

The findings extend prior research in psychology and ethics.

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  • Translation of the idiom "no harm, no foul" in German - German Language Stack Exchange.
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Key concepts include: The tendency demonstrated in these two studies might lead people to blame others too harshly for making sensible decisions that have unlucky outcomes. The outcome bias could also partly explain the slow reactions that people tend to have when they observe others' unethical behavior. It is worth trying to understand a decision maker's state of mind.

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Judging decisions based on their outcomes will wind up condemning too many unlucky people and acquitting too many scoundrels. If the government invades your privacy, or a corporation poisons your water, the effects may not be felt for years, but they are real.

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And it has become almost empty of any specific meaning. What little rigor it had during its sheltered life among the basketball referees has vanished.

  • No Harm, No Foul.
  • Translation of the idiom "no harm, no foul" in German - German Language Stack Exchange.

And why should we care, after all? No harm, no foul. Tags: athletes , basketball , English , government , language , law , litigation , politics , referees , sports , words. You are commenting using your WordPress.